Security: an SME imports inputs to later export solutions

DX Control is dedicated to the development and local manufacturing of radio transmitters, receivers, communicators for alarms and vehicular communicators.

The company exports to Latin America through its network of representatives, which allows you to make immediate deliveries and give local technical support to the entire region. All of the company’s equipment is compatible with many of the existing brands of alarm panels and monitoring software, something that makes it possible to convert customers into fixed subscribers for the provision of services.

“As regional players in the development, manufacturing and marketing of radios and communicators for alarms and vehicle locators, We were accompanying the birth and growth of new and large companies. We have evolved year after year and we have achieved get out of the comfort zone permanentlyconstantly venturing into and developing products with new technologies”, says Ítalo Mario Martinena, president of the company.

The businessman recalls that they witnessed world changes in recent decades. “We had to adapt to new habits, acquiring skills to be able to develop new businesses. The most important thing begins after the sale of the product”, he affirms.

The equipment is mostly used to provide service. “Our customers will install them on their customers. This represents a huge commitment for us. Feeling this responsibility made us develop different areas to be able to provide security ”, he adds.

As always, the rules of the game are modified

Safety in operation, continuity in the provision, the creation of tools that reduce service costs, technical support and the development of new products, are some of the aspects that they consider essential.

The company develops new sales channels, incorporating almost more than 20 distributors in the country and abroad to reach new national and international markets.

Regarding the current situation, Martinena says that “In these turbulent times that our country is experiencing, we try to update prices according to the needs of the market.. Our best price is the commitment to customers and their businesses. We are committed to growing together”. He comments. “At the moment, where the exchange regime is applied and policy changes are constant, there are economic ups and downs that affect us. As always, the rules of the game are modified. This makes us permanently implement new strategies. In any case, the business model based on the export of added value and focused on a local partner that develops the market, allows us to maintain the same projection in terms of exports ”, he assures.

The company develops and manufactures all its products in Argentina and exports 25% of its production to Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

They have their own assembly line and are importers of most of the inputs used.

In many Latin American countries, different regulations apply. “Our distributors tell us that they cannot sell an alarm accessory to anyone if they cannot prove their condition as an installer,” explains the businessman. He also draws attention to the fact that “In other cultures, it is normal to see supplier companies and their customers work together to solve problems in their markets or develop products.”.

The company is currently working on opening new business lines that allow clients to diversify and incorporate different units into their current structures. “With almost thirty years of experience in the security market we’ve come a long waywhich has allowed us to generate a value matrix focused on our clients”, he concludes.

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