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Neon was the first Duelist Agent of 2022 to join the Valorant Protocol. Her kit introduced a unique playstyle to Valorant’s already original character designs. For Neon, mobility is most important, and her free feature ability “Full Speed” allows her to channel her power to increase movement speed, as well as an electric dash that can be recharged as you play. Neon stands out for moving quickly and covering large portions of the map, making her extremely capable on both offense and defense to adapt or rotate from one point to another on the map.

Not only does Neon have incredible speed, but her two other abilities, “Fast Lane” and “Relay Blast”, accentuate her mobile playstyle and allow her to block enemy lines of sight, as well as stun from any angle twice. . Neon’s ultimate, “Overload”, is a combination of power and speed that activates his High Gear as a passive ability and unleashes a deadly mobile beam with high movement precision, almost like Force Lightning.

Full steam ahead (Skill E)

‘Full Speed’ is Neon’s unique movement skill that increases her movement speed, jump distance, and allows her to dash with alternate fire. When using ‘Full Speed’ or his ultimate, ‘Overload’, he uses his passive ability bar, which depletes with each use. This bar naturally refills as rounds go by, but can also be recharged as you get agent kills. While sprinting in Full Speed, you lose access to your weapons, but you can use your other abilities, which makes Full Speed ​​a very simple ability on paper. However, it can be used in complex ways, and mastering its dash mechanic allows you to run and maneuver in duels like no other Operator can.

Taking advantage of lateral moves that other operators don’t have access to gives Neon players an advantage in winning their battles. ‘Full Power’ can also be used to reach safer and more advantageous positions faster for better map control, close the distance between your enemies and engage them by catching them off guard with your speed, evade enemy abilities and reach objectives much faster than anyone. The use of ‘Full Steam’ along with Neon’s other resources make her versatile when it comes to interacting with her environment and her enemies, as well as making her effective on both offense and defense.

Fast Lane (Ability C)

‘Fast Lane’ is an ability that blocks vision through a wall of energy similar to Phoenix’s ‘Flare’ or Viper’s ‘Toxic Screen’. However, ‘Fast Lane’ is unique in that it creates two walls that rise up on either side of where Neon launches the missile to summon the walls. This ability costs 300 credits, has only 1 charge, and lasts 6 seconds. However, it’s easy to fall for this ability, as it’s a straight line with a safe tunnel in the middle. Smart opponents can predict where you might end up depending on the map and wait for you to come out the other end of the lane. But, ‘Fast Lane’ can be used to take advantage of these expectations and use the ability to block angles and lanes or bait and peek over the wall to get ahead of your opponents.

The advantages of ‘Fast Lane’ are that as long as the projectile path is not obstructed, the summoned walls can even block and traverse through map terrain. ‘Fast Lane’ also makes it harder for you and your allies to be heard when going through walls and can also be used as a simple vision blocker, allowing you to better position yourself and your teammates without the enemy being able to see you. Integrating these mechanics into your game with ‘Fast Lane’ can allow you to be versatile both defending your objective and playing a strong attacking offense to ensure a quick and safe spike.

Relay Blast (Skill Q)

‘Relay Blast’ is a Crowd Control ability that has 2 charges and costs 200 credits each, it also shares a similar mechanic to Astra’s ‘Pulse Nova’. Both abilities stun the opponent, but Neon’s ‘Relay Blast’ can cover multiple areas, has a wider radius, and has a faster onset. The concussion lasts 3 seconds, but with Neon’s speed it’s more than enough to close the distance or turn the corner and surprise attack your enemies. ‘Relay Blast’ is a projectile that, when thrown, can bounce once off surfaces such as walls or ground, with each place it bounces off leaving a horizontal stun zone. This zone can also stun you and your allies.

‘Relay Blast’ stands out for its ability to trap and stun enemies that may be hiding in certain places or help to enter narrow rooms and areas with many viewing angles. It’s important to remember that you can use this ability while in ‘Full Power’, making it effective for aggressive Offense playstyles or trying to trap enemies while they are positioning for defense.

‘Overload’ is the complete fusion of Neon’s ‘Full Power’ and its electric potential. As a buff ability like Reyna’s ‘Empress’ or KAY/0’s ‘X – CMD/NULL’, Neon charges up and brings out her latent lightning potential. While in ‘Overload’, Neon has access to a lightning attack that he fires in a straight line with a very long range that can pierce through enemies. ‘Full Speed’ activates automatically and he can also use all of her abilities as his energy bar starts to deplete during its duration. Neon can also re-equip his weapons, unlike ‘Full Steam’, allowing you to switch between his abilities and weapons. The beam has an impressive headshot multiplier and movement accuracy, reinforcing the mobile and aggressive playstyle that allows Neon to traverse the map blasting laser beams at his enemies with the destructive power of it.

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