New video of Final Fantasy XVI with Torgal, the game guide dog

Final Fantasy XVI arrives this year on PS5 and Square Enix has shown a new video of Torgalthe dog that accompanies us on the adventure and is also our guide when exploring.

Since last year we already knew that the adorable puppy present in the game already had a name and that it could also be of great help in the game, only it has not been recently when it appeared on video.

In a new tweet that we leave you just below these lines shared by the game’s official account, the animal function appears that many users will surely love.

We introduce you to Torgal, the partner of the protagonist Clive 🐺 Part 2“This part is specified since he recently showed off in a clip that delved into the combo system of battles.

A reassuring ally in exploration! Guides you at the touch of a button“, continues reading in the tweet. And this is how they show it, as soon as Torgal is pressed, it comes into action.

If we follow the icon that can be seen on the animal, we come to an area that has an opening through which we can pass without problems.

In FFXVI from the PS Store or in physical there are many new features

For now the game will come only to PS5 since the PC version is not yet optimized and because Sony has actively collaborated in the development of Final Fantasy XVI.

In fact, the price Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that without the PS5 technical capabilities the game would still be in development.

At the moment we are sure that the new game in the final fantasy saga It does not use either the Luminous Engine or the Unreal Engine, the company has confirmed this.

What we do know about this premiere is that it will have an arcade mode with scores in the style of Devil May Cry 5 and that it has more than 11 hours of cinematics to its credit.

These and some extra details have been recently confirmed thanks to a Famitsu interview with those primarily responsible for the adventure.

And in addition to the fact that Final Fantasy 16 can now be reserved at GAME with a poster and DLC as a gift, along with an exclusive Deluxe edition from stores.

we already know another role of Torgal the dog in Final Fantasy XVIWhat will the next one be?

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