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New Switch update to improve its censorship

The Nintendo Switch operating system receives update 16.0.1, which improves the forbidden words system.

By total surprise, as he usually does most of the time, nintendoswitch just received the update from your operating system to the version 16.0.1. With this new download, the company has barely brought changes to the console externally and internally, since it seems that it has been destined for improve the forbidden words blocking system.

How do you pick up the OatmealDome Twitter accountAlthough the official Switch patch notes speak of a stability improvement, it has been discovered behind the scenes of the code that “the prohibited word lists have been modified to reduce erroneous crashesand several words have been added/removed in some languages.”

It seems that the BCAT system, which affects Nintendo Switch download and upload services when connected to the internet, has also been modified with the 16.0.1 update. But it is not clear in what sense it has changed. It will be a matter of time to see if this patch drops some more clue about the future. As happened with the previous one, which revealed the possible amount of Nintendo Switch 2 RAM.

Nintendo Switch Successor operating system

The successor console to Nintendo Switch would use its same operating system, as the internal changes of the 16.0 update show.


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