Giants wear blue again

giantsthe esports club from Malaga, returns to its origins with the turn of the blue color, and it does so for the return to the great international scene. The organization debuts next Monday at the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)one of the most relevant video game competitions in the world.

‘Back to blue’ is the motto of the campaign to return to blue in the shirt and to the rest of the Giants spaces in what is a peak moment in the club’s history. ​Going back to blue represented a historic demand from Giants fans, who grew up with the club cheering on Samux, Babeta, Pepiinero, Tojor, Alfonso Ramos, MethodZ, Lgend, Attila, Th3Antonio and many others, figures who for years defended Giants in numerous national and international competitions wearing blue.

It is the color that presided over the first shield until the 2021 corporate identity change and the one that capitalized on official clothing before giving way to other tones, such as grey, red and black. In addition, it coincides with the year of the Giants 15th Anniversaryan event that will be commemorated with various actions between now and the end of the year.

He returns to blue with a shirt that he also wears Giants name across the front with a mirror effect. This will be the one that the players of Valorant, League of Legends and fighting games. Its official premiere will take place on March 27 on the occasion of the start of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), and Giants will face another classic like fnatic (18:00) in the opening meeting from berlin.

The presentation campaign of clothing contains various actions to publicize this return to the roots. The backbone of the campaign is a spots emotional starring Abby and ViiZzzm, streamers of the institution. Also, they are carrying out adaptations in the Home of Giantsthe club’s headquarters in Malaga, to adapt the exterior and interior of the facilities to this new era.

has also been released special clothing collection that accompanies the competition shirt and that precedes a special line of garments that will be released in the coming weeks. Everything goes inside the Giants x Nike Collection. Nike is a global partner of the entity since January 2020.

Giant blue, Malaga blue

From light blue to its most marine version, also in combination with white, blue has accompanied the Giants, from its creation until 2018, in all its national and international challenges. Impossible to forget the first title of Spain of the mythical block of call of duty achieved in 2012, by Tojor and company, with this color.​

Nor can the memory be disconnected from the Giants who competed in Europe during three different stages, including the first professional season, against the best teams in League of Legends in the extinct LCS, ‘mother’ of the current LEC. Or the block of young promises that signed the last promotion to the highest category LoL continental.

There are too many images in the collective imagination of esports. The last time the Giants wore blue was in the LCS spring split in 2018. There it transitioned to another visual identity and went to gray and, later, to red. From red she went to black, with which she has lived for 15 months.

Now it returns to a tonality that also links Giants with Malaga, painted blue for its sea, its sky and its main emblems. In fact, within the actions undertaken to publicize this new era, have been placed billboards in some parts of the city to notify the people of Malaga that the team from their land is returning to its essence.

We are very excited to announce that the Giants are back in blue for our return to international competition and as part of our club’s fifteenth anniversary celebration. In these years we have built a strong and recognized brand in esports, and this evolution has been closely linked to this color, which has accompanied us in so many championships throughout the world. We are excited to return to a color so linked to our history and our land, Malaga, which we are going to represent in one of the most important video game competitions since esports has existed. We can’t wait to introduce these new kits to our rivals and show our strength in our iconic blue colorway.

Jose Ramon Diaz, owner and CEO.

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