Epic Games Store reveals free game and DLC for March 23

Better late than never, the Epic Games Store has revealed that ChessUltra and the Starter Pack: Ishizuchi for World of Warships will be the free games and DLC that fans can expect to claim this 23 of March.

Normally, the Epic Games Store reveals one or two games at the same time that it publishes the sale of the week. However, it was a little late today, and didn’t reveal the new content until a few hours later.

Just today, the Epic Games Store has released Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War, but has not revealed the other two titles. Although some have worried about what this could mean, the Epic Games Store had previously confirmed that it would continue these giveaways throughout 2023.

It is not known for sure why this content was revealed later than normal, but now fans know what to expect from the Epic Games Store at the end of March.

Chess Ultra is described as the “ultimate experience” with 4K visuals, Grandmaster-approved AI, and VR support. It includes extensive time controls, beautiful chess settings and environments, an intuitive online ranking system, full Twitch integration, and the chance to explore some of chess’ most historic games.

The Epic Games Store reveals two free games for March 23

For its part, the Starter Pack is designed to appeal to fans of World of Warships. It comes with a number of in-game items, including the Ishizuchi, a Tier 4 Japanese battleship. That’s perhaps the big draw, but it also includes a port slot, some epic camouflages, cheap bonuses, and more.

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