Drift DR110 Review (Full Analysis in Spanish)

It’s been a little over two years since we reviewed one of Drift’s new gaming chairs, and now it’s the turn of the Drift DR110 Reviewa model that seeks a balance between features and price without leaving behind the aggressive design of this type of furniture that is having such success among “gamers”.

One of its main characteristics is that the material that covers the chair is fabric, which facilitates perspiration and helps to dissipate heat, unlike leather or leatherette models, where in summer we can have a hard time with high temperatures.

Technical Characteristics of the Drift DR110

  • External material: Fabric Fabric.
  • Internal material: Foam on metal frame.
  • Armrests with 4D adjustments.
  • 700mm star-type metal base.
  • Silent black Nylon and PU wheels.
  • 80mm Class 4 gas lift with black finish.
  • Adjustable backrest 90-135º
  • Cervical and lumbar cushion.
  • General measurements: 71 x 78-84 x 121-131 cm (Length x Width x Height).
  • Available colors: Grey, Black, Green, Blue and Red.
  • Weight: 19.2 kg.
  • Maximum weight supported: 150 .
  • Price: 199.99 euros.

The Drift DR110 It comes completely disassembled and it will be the user’s task to assemble it in its entirety. It is something common in this type of furniture, since to save space in the packaging, the chair is usually divided into the maximum number of pieces possible. There are some models that come with certain parts such as the armrests already fixed, but in this case we will have to assemble them, from the wheels to the mechanisms.

The instructions are quite clear and generally do not lead to confusion, some detail such as the orientation of the lifting mechanism can be easily confirmed by looking at some indications that come on the parts themselves and on the seat.

The first step, as usual, is to assemble the metal base and its wheels. In the case of the Drift DR110 We have a five-arm metal structure with five nylon and PU wheels for silent operation, although they do not reach the level of the rubber wheels that we have seen in some other analyzed model.

Once we have the base with the five wheels, it will be necessary to fit the class 4 gas piston by pressure, together with the plastic trim that prevents it from being exposed.

As we said at the beginning, in the Drift DR110 It is necessary to assemble all the elements, including the armrests, so we have to fix them with four screws. The allen tool is included to be able to do it. As can be seen in the image, the holes have some margin to adjust the distance that protrudes to the side from the seat by a few millimeters.

The base that joins the seat with the piston, together with the elevation lever and the mechanism for regulating the hardness of the inclination of the chair must also be fixed with four screws, once this is done, the lower seat is placed on the piston, and we already have half a saddle assembled.

We will only have to place the backrest, for which we will have to present it in the two metal hooks on the sides, and fix them with two screws. One of these hooks is loose and the other has a lever mechanism to be able to tilt the backrest. Therefore, the ideal is to first fix the backrest to the hook of the mechanism, much more rigid, and then adjust the other side with the hook that is loose.

Once the backrest is screwed to the structure of the chair, we only have to place the plastic trims, which are fixed with a small screw, and place some small covers that hide it. This point is the most basic of the chair, since the finish is quite modest. However, it is usually something common in all types of chairs, even the most expensive ones.

The design of the chair follows the usual lines in most models. With few exceptions, this means having two holes in the upper rear part and some large projections that collect us on its surface. This particular model of the Drift DR110 has the black and red finish, but it can be purchased in grey, blue, green and all black colors.

Color details are found in the logo, the edges and also in the seams.

We have a 4D armrest system with different regulations, all in black.

The most characteristic of the Drift DR110 is its fabric finish. This material may seem somewhat less “premium” than leather or leatherette chairs, however, from experience with different models, it is usually the most comfortable material if we live in hot areas or when summer arrives, since it is much cooler and will not “stick” to the body.

The finish of the fabric is of quality, with a good consistency, while the padding feels comfortable and does not sink into the back or the seat.

As usual in this type of gaming chair, Drift includes two cushions, one for the lumbar and one for the cervical. The upper one is fixed by means of elastic straps with a closure, placing it between the two holes in the chair, while the other comes without any type of anchorage and is simply placed on the backrest.

The Drift DR110 is a chair that seeks to offer a more contained price within its DR line, therefore we do not expect high-end mechanisms. However, we have a 4D armrest system with adjustment of height, inclination, angle and displacement in two directions of each one of them. The external finish is plastic and rubber, but the internal column uses metal, so, at least during our tests and in the absence of more widespread use, they seem quite resistant.

We can see the basic plastic finishes of the different areas of the palm rests, especially in the area of ​​the buttons for elevation.

One last button allows us to slide each armrest forwards and backwards.

The tilt/rock mechanism of the seat itself (not the rear) is regulated with a screw located at the bottom. This thread allows you to harden or soften it so that you rock the chair more easily or at the cost of more force.

In any case, with the lower lever with which we modify the height of the chair, the rocking of the chair can also be locked and unlocked

The two cushions offer extra comfort, depending on the user they can be adjusted in different ways, although the cervical ones have limited travel as they are fixed in a fairly low part.

Both cushions are quite comfortable and are not excessively hard, thus complementing the good resistance and consistency of the foam padding that the chair has.

The fabric cover can also be removed more or less easily, although to facilitate the process it is easier to unscrew the rear seat to better access the zipper.

The backrest tilt lever is located on the right side, also finished in rubbery plastic. The tilt system works correctly, although it can be a bit abrupt when it comes to returning to the initial angle of 90º.

Overall, the Drift DR110 is a comfortable chair with good fit and a fairly affordable price. There will be users who prefer a faux leather or leather finish (much more expensive), but if we go practical and leave out those aesthetic issues, the reality is that a fabric chair is usually much more versatile and comfortable for all types of people. of climates and times of the year.

The Drift DR110 It is a gaming chair that combines most of the adjustment and configuration systems of the company’s DR range, with a fabric finish and a more contained price than usual. Therefore, we could consider that it stays in the mid-range, without going for the simpler models of the brand with limited adjustments, but without having the premium finishes of the more expensive models either.

After all, the most important thing about a chair should be its comfort of use and we can save money by sacrificing some aesthetic aspects, but without giving up the adjustments for elevation, tilt, rocking and the 4 senses (4D) of adjustment of the rest arms.

We have already discussedour preference for fabric chairs. It is true that synthetic leather, and even better leather, offer a much more premium and striking appearance, but if we go towards the practicalthe fabric is a much more breathable and comfortable materialespecially to spend long hours in front of the computer or when warm temperatures make an appearance.

By €199.9s we have a chair that offers a good comfort and multiple adjustment options, with a design according to what is sought in a gaming chair and with the extra of a fabric finish. It is true that there are details, especially at the level of finishes in the plastics, which are somewhat basic, but they are still aesthetic elements where it has been cut to maintain a more adjusted price.

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