Corsair TC100 Relaxed Review in Spanish (Full Analysis)

Corsair TC100 Relaxed joins the list of brand chairs as a mid-range option and balanced price without giving up some elegant finishes fabric and faux furergonomics and quality. We can tell you that the fabric one feels like a sofa, also using gray and dark tones that will be perfect for both gaming and office, combined with sport design. It offers 10 cm height adjustment, a reclining backrest, strong 2D armrests and firm cushions.

Before continuing, we must thank Corsair your confidence in us for sending us this chair for analysis.

Corsair TC100 Relaxed technical characteristics


This is the usual presentation of a chair, since the Corsair TC100 Relaxed comes to us in one rigid neutral cardboard box with internally reinforced corners to prevent sinking. On the external faces we see the logo of the brand on simple black, and some details of the product. If we open the box we find all the elements stacked and separated by foam panels.

The content of the box will be the following:

  • Back
  • Seat
  • armrests
  • 5-arm base
  • 5x wheels
  • class 4 gas piston
  • Telescopic trim for the piston
  • Clamping and control mechanism for seat and piston
  • 4x Trim covers for the back-seat junction
  • Cervical and lumbar cushions
  • Mounting screws and tools

Construction and design

Corsair TC100 Relaxed It is the fourth chair that Corsair presents to gradually add to its list, being so far the one that offers the most fair benefits to suit the mid-range. However, it is still a very good gaming chair due to its design, dimensions suitable for almost any common user and particularly its finish.

Have up to 4 different modelstwo of them ending in synthetic leather or leatherette that promises to be of great quality, and the one that we have tested, of sofa-like fabricwhich will come in handy for warm areas for being more breathable. To these two finishes are added the gray and black color combinationwhich we analyse, and double tone black. This provides options not only for game setups, but also It will be very good for office use being discreet and elegant.

legs and wheels

Here comes one of the few details where this Corsair TC100 Relaxed could offer more, and it is in the support base because it is made of rigid plastic instead of metal. Although it is true that they do not usually disappoint in terms of strength and rigidity, it is true that plastic wears out faster when you put your feet on it and time will affect it more than a metal block, this is unquestionable.

We are before a 5 point star base typical, which we must highlight for its design with multiple details and edges on the legs that obviously cannot be replicated in a metal finish. Both the arms and the central area are reinforced with cross type ribs so as not to give in with the weight, leaving holes at the ends to place the pressure wheels.

We turn to the wheels, made up of two elements that will roll independently using a common axis. They will be made of plastic without detailing the composition, with 65mm diameter and a rather original radio type design. It must be said that the rotation of the wheels is not completely free, in some of them we notice some resistance in the axis, perhaps to limit the speed of scrolling. They support free rotation in orientation thanks to their steel shank with pressure washer to be fixed on the plastic base. If we can give this construction an advantage, it is that will not generate clicks or squeaks as it does in metal when the joints are not lubricated.

piston and movement mechanism

The next critical element of the Corsair TC100 Relaxed it will be the piston, as always a steel cylinder with mechanism on top and class 4 gas system. This allows a height adjustment range of 10 cm, not bad, allowing you to adopt a height in the seat from 45 to 55 cm. This range comes great for people of medium-short height both in women and men.

As seat clamp mechanismwe have the butterfly or basic generic version, which is characterized by having a smaller frame and narrow hinge integrated under the stand, obviously with only one lever. Count with one Approximate tilt range from 0 to 14either with adjustable spring ratebut only allows blocking in the initial position by pushing the lever in. We always like to have the version with adjustable tilt, but for a chair under €250 like this it is an acceptable option.

Backrest and cushion design

The chair Corsair TC100 Relaxed proposes a sporty competition bucket design for its support, which has a wide headboard and holes right in the neck area finished in glossy black plastic. In it you can not miss the thread embroidered brand logo. The maximum seat height will be 81 cm.

We continue down where we have some broad side earsin particular for the shoulder area, with a maximum width of 59.5 cm from end to end, and 33 cm of distance between edges. These ears will close more and more until they reach the bottom, although the 33 cm useful in the backrest will remain. The central area is considered quite original honeycomb embroidery and a zone of secondary color in the center.

He exterior finish that we analyze is from fabric, very soft and with a texture similar to that used in most sofas or home armchairs, in a grid pattern generating different shades of gray and black. In addition to being pleasant to the touch, it also It is elegant for office use., and a highly recommended finish for warm areas as it initially offers better breathability than synthetic leather. However in the second leatherette finish for the Corsair TC100 Relaxed perforated areas are used to improve its breathability.

Inside the back we have a high density foam block, whose specific figure is not detailed, as well as harnesses in the back area that maintain firmness next to the steel chassis. Although it is comfortable and firm enough, we still believe that this cushion it has very little thicknesshere it shows that it is not an expensive chair.

They could not miss two cervical and lumbar cushions that will complement the position of the user in the chair if necessary. They feature a fairly standard design similar to other chairs, with finished in the same fabric as the chair. He neck cushion is always the most useful for us, fastened by means of a quick anchor strap and synthetic cotton padding. He lumbar cushion it is comfortable only when the backrest is straight, we will place it by passing two straps through the holes in the backrest and it is filled with a block of foam. No memory foam is used at all, so they are pretty average.

Seat and armrests

We continue with the seat of the Corsair TC100 Relaxed that is presented to us in a sports format according to what is seen in the back, with side ears separated from the main cushion. This leaves a hole on both sides where the dirt will collect. Its measurements are 15″ overall depthof which a few centimeters will be lost from the back, 54 cm total width and 36 cm useful distance.

It is a wide seat in terms of width, but with shallow that will somehow limit the height or maximum size of the user, since bulky people might find this chair small. Again the center cushion is a little thinner than we would like although it feels firm and comfortable. A metal chassis has been used, but with wood base, more uniform than the crossbars and harnesses, but with danger of deforming with humidity or improper use.

We pass to the armrest of the Corsair TC100 Relaxedfixed by means of 4 screws to the base of the seat and providing us with 2D mobility. This means that it supports height adjustment by pressing the outer tab and depth adjustment. In many cases it is enough for the user, and also have a simpler mechanism implies greater firmness in the armrests as is the case. They also offer padded polyurethane surface and ergonomic quite comfortable for the arm.

Assembly and final appearance

Seems to be Corsair custom not include assembly guide of some of their products and at least for us, this seems to be the case. Nothing happens for those who, like us, assemble more than 10 chairs a year, but bad for a person who is not very skilled in jobs of this type. Maybe it is included in the retail sale, we don’t know.

The procedure will have little mystery; We begin by assembling the wheels on the base, the seat mechanism on it and then joining the armrests. Once these steps have been completed, we place the piston and the trim uniting the base and seat on it, ending with the backrest. One more time the threaded holes in the backrest do not have a metal finish for foam and canvas, but at least in this case the edge of the fabric has been burned to prevent frayingThis detail is very important for durability.

Final words and conclusion about Corsair TC100 Relaxed

Before finishing we must tell you about our experience of using this chair, which is considered as a balanced option for the mid-rangebut with fabric finishes worthy of a high range. In fact, this is its main strong point, being almost at the level of T3 Rush, also with faux leather variant and dark finishes of great elegance for both gaming and office.

For someone with normal height as a server (approximately 180 cm and 83 kg) the chair adapts very well to the contours of the body offering great comfort in the back and head. Side ears hold well the lumbar area, the internal padding is firm as well as comfortable, luckily we are not facing the padding that is almost like stones of some other chairs.

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In the days that we have been using it, we do not feel that it is going to sink easily, which provide peace of mind in the face of durability especially in the seat so as not to touch the table. On the other hand, we consider that the back is a bit thin, and this one we do have more doubts about its comfort in the long term, but it is difficult to estimate what will happen. The plastic legs we do not like them as an option, always preferring metal, and the armrests are comfortable and firm, 2D is enough for a good fit.

The price of this Corsair TC100 Relaxed it will be of €220 in the official store of the brand, a figure as we mentioned at the beginning that is balanced and consistent with the product in most sections. Has good ergonomicsheight adjustment range that it adapts well to girls and boys and a finish that we love.




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