Blizzard promises that the final Diablo IV version of the game will not have repetitive dungeons

The Diablo IV Early Access Beta took place last weekend, which was well received but left some players feeling like their dungeons were a bit repetitive. However, Blizzard stated that this will not be the case for the final version of the game.

Joe Shelly, game director, explained during an interview that replay it is the result of the limited scope of the Beta. “We have put over 100 dungeons in the game, many of them are not in the starting area,” the director explained.

“Hopefully, as you level up, you’ll be venturing through multiple dungeons instead of doing the same one over and over again,” Shelly said. The Diablo IV director also explained that Blizzard wanted to make them. with varied challenges and not always focused on fighting demons.

“As you level up, you will experience all the different dungeons and, of course, in the Beta you only have a fraction of that, “explained the director. He also confirmed that there will be challenges where we have to collect items and place them in the right place to progress, as well as kill bosses or complete a special event.

Shelly also confirmed that the dungeons in Fractured Summits they are intentionally similar so that they fit within the same theme. He claimed that the first zone of the game only makes up 20% of his world, and that players have only seen “the base” of what the game offers.

Rod Fergusson, general manager of the franchise, promises that after its release on June 6, Diablo IV It will continue to receive new challenges and features.

Source: PC Gamer

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