best brawlers for the Brawloncesto Challenge

The rhythm does not stop brawl starsand from oca to oca we arrived at the new Brawl Basketball Challengeto live more intensely if possible this second type of sport, which during this season permanently occupies the privileged place.

It’s not even two days since we released the Duel Challenge, and it’s time to face a new challenge. Of course, we will have to pull friends and / or clubmates again to have many more options for success. Or for some bad ones, use the team search magnifying glass, because launching ourselves to try to win with pure randoms can go very, very wrong.

This new challenge consists of 10 wins and only 4 losses, just like this Duel Challenge we left behind. Two modes that share the same slot daily, and that in a few days it is at stake to remain, or not, between the modes of the coming season. Although there will be time to talk about it.

Best brawlers for the Brawloncesto Challenge in Brawl Stars

Again the goal of the indestructible walls in brawl stars He has a lot to say in this challenge, present in 2 of the 5 maps that we will have to draw, with two victories for each of them. Something to keep in mind if we want to achieve the credits, coins and the exclusive spray and emote that are at stake

  • Dancing Roof: RT, Bibi and Mr.P
    • In the first stage we do have to be careful with the walls that are broken, in which case the range of other brawlers like griffin either crow could win many integers. Frank As an immortal alternative, it is always a good option.
  • Basket Fort: RT, Buster and Sam
    • Here we can take advantage of those walls to go full body to body. A Pink It never hurts either if we don’t have the chromatic. as well as a jackie either Ash as secondary options.
  • Ball Hog: Bea, EMZ and Sam
    • On a ranked map, the best sniper of the moment should be a must. But if we want other options, Otis, El Primo, Nita or Buster they work great.
  • Iron Curtain: RT, Buster and Sam
    • The indestructible walls return and the skull trio returns. Sandy, Jacky, Otis or Frank can perform that job fantastically, or the surprise factor of crow and Lou to constantly annoy
  • Green Meadows: Otis, Ash and Frank
    • We return to the range, but this time looking for something different. Of course RT works just like Sambut maybe we look for something more annoying like a Nita and his bear, or the continuous clouds of sandy.

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