Asian model is Shenhe with a Genshin Impact cosplay

One of the most popular media for the cosplay Without a doubt, it is the world of manga and anime, from where we often see great tributes from the artists, however, today’s has come out of the world of video games, where we can see the waifu Shenhefrom the acclaimed free-to-play, Genshin Impactin a great cosplay by the beautiful @kisaragiash.

The cast of characters in Genshin Impact is now really large, getting bigger and bigger, and the popularity of the characters also fluctuates according to the banners that appear in the action RPG HoYoverse. For example, now it is the turn of Shenhethe exorcist of Lyiue, as shown by the excellent cosplay of the beautiful @kisaragiash.

Shenhe was introduced in Genshin Impact over a year ago as a 5-star character, that is, as rare as possible. She is the last descendant of a renowned clan of exorcists, she after being banished from her family for considering her “cursed”.

Shenhe lived as a hermit in the mountains and later became the favored pupil of the Cloud-Holder Adeptus, a kind of demigod who protects the nation of Liyue. She fights using polearm and cryoelement powers, which she combines with her spirit hunter abilities to damage enemies and empower her teammates.

It’s hard not to speak highly of the @kisaragiash cosplay, as you can see in the post, the costume has been recreated almost perfectly, with great care also in the character’s makeup, accessories and signature spear.

The snowy background location of the image also fits perfectly with Shenhe’s freezing abilities. So @kisaragiash’s cosplay is perfect, so don’t hesitate to show your support by leaving a like on her post.

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