Valve confirms “Counter-Strike 2”, we tell you the details

Although we still don’t know the exact release date for counter strike 2the game already has a date set for the summer 2023 and it is known that it will run on the graphics engine “Source Engine 2“, which tells us that it will be a free update for the current CS:GO.

Although this will arrive during the summer of this year, it is important to know that from today it will also be available as a limited trial for some players of CS:GOand Valve has revealed more details on how to take part in this limited test.

According to the new site for counter strike 2 Just released, this is “the biggest technical leap in Counter-Strike history, guaranteeing new features and updates for years to come.” In several videos released today, Valve has taken a closer look at what we can expect from Counter-Strike 2.

Specifically, Valve has highlighted its improved and revised maps, new game-changing smoke grenade behavior, independent ‘tick rate’ gameplay, redesigned visuals and audio.

All of Counter-Strike 2’s revised maps have been completely rebuilt from the ground up, taking advantage of all the new tools and rendering features in Source 2, Valve says.

Updated smoke grenades now have the ability to interact with other gameplay events and objects, expand to fill spaces naturally, react to light and other explosions.

Also, regardless of the rate of fire, your moves and shots will respond equally and your grenades will always drop in the same way, according to the announcement. Another important news is that all CS:GO player items will carry over to Counter-Strike 2.

Although this is Valve’s first official confirmation of Counter-Strike 2, rumors had already started to gather steam earlier this month, when Counter-Strike insider Richard Lewis commented that Valve was preparing to announce this project. .

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