Ubisoft will use AI to create the dialogues of NPCs and mobs while some writers suggested that they better invest in writers

Much is said about artificial intelligence technology, such as ChatGPT, and how it could be used for daily tasks, in this case, Ubisoft has taken the opportunity to announce its Ghostwriter, an AI capable of generating scripts and lines of dialogue for NPCs to make them more realistic.

The idea was born with the intention that the dialogues with the NPCs are not repetitive, make it a little more dynamic and realisticit’s all thanks to Ubisoft La Forge, a branch of Ubisoft, in charge of research and development, which describes ‘Ghostwriter’, as a “Internally developed artificial intelligence tool that aims to help our screenwriters”.

“This tool was created hand in hand with the writers to create more realistic NPC interactions by generating variations on a piece of dialogue. See how our teams will use AI to handle repetitive tasks and free up time to work on other core elements of the game.”

However, it is worth mentioning that although this technology facilitates the work for dialogues and scripts, it still has to be supervised by a human, since the tool only generates a draft, and it would be up to the personnel in charge to decide which lines to grab and which ones. modify, it says so Ben Swansona researcher at Ubisoft La Forge, at GDC 2023.

The truth is that not many took this announcement with pleasure, some developers asked to invest in human writers, as the writer of Sony Santa Monica, Alanah Pearcemanifested itself through a tweet indicating that:

As a writer, having to edit AI-generated scripts/dialogue sounds a lot slower than writing my own timelines. I’d rather a lot of the AAA studios use whatever budget it takes to make tools like this to hire more writers”.

It is not known when this technology will arrive or if it has been used in the latest Ubisoft games for dialogues and NPCs, the truth is that many see it as a tool that would facilitate in-game conversations, like others who see it as a threat and prefer to invest in more human writers.

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