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Processor, refresh rate and battery performance are key aspects of a smartphone to have an unbeatable game.

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With the advent of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, video games have become increasingly relevant, positioning themselves as a hobby for users; Therefore, it is increasingly common to have games from the cell phone to take advantage of free time, and escape the stress and routine of the day.

According to the study ‘Digital 2023’ conducted by We are social and Meltwater, 70.2% of those surveyed prefer to use smartphones to play video games, so aspects such as the processor, refresh rate, tactile response, and battery performance are more relevant when it comes to choose the right device.

Next, we will explain what they are and why these characteristics are relevant so that your game matches are unbeatable.


This is the brain of the smartphone and the one that allows all its functions to be developed; the more powerful it is, the more tasks it can perform at high speed. The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy of Galaxy S23 series devices unleashes premium experiences such as revolutionary AI, future-ready gaming features, powerful and sustained gameplay with mobile graphics faster, not counting the largest steam chamber to achieve a gaming marathon.

In addition, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes ready to support real-time ray tracing coming to mobile games, which means users can see more realistic scenes thanks to technology that simulates and tracks each ray of light.

Refresh rate and tactile response

Refresh rate refers to the number of still images that appear on the screen in a single second, so the higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more fluid your videos and display movements will be. In the case of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, its screen is updated 120 times per second. This feature is very important especially in racing or war games where the scenarios and actions change very quickly.

For its part, the response rate or touch sampling is the number of times the screen detects a touch or input in one second, giving the user the feeling of instant response with each touch of the phone. That is, if the rate of the device is 240Hz, it means that the screen will seek or scan the movement of a finger on the screen up to 240 times per second.

These two features go hand in hand and help improve screen response time for an amazing user experience.

battery performance

The constant updating of the screen and multiple simultaneous tasks that the processor must perform means a higher energy consumption; however, the variable refresh rate offered by Galaxy devices optimizes the update frequency thanks to their artificial intelligence, so that battery consumption will be the most appropriate taking into account the activity carried out.

Bearing the above in mind, keep these tips in mind so that you can enhance your games and have a better gaming experience with Galaxy devices.

  1. Activate the Game Launcher. This feature allows you to enjoy all the games you want in one place. Plus, you can resume your recent games or enjoy instant games that don’t require installation.
  1. use the Game Booster to enjoy your game in a better environment; Furthermore, it provides useful tools in a convenient menu that appears while you play the game. You can get the best performance without having to stop playing. When you open the Game Booster panel, you can configure it by selecting the following options:
  • Game Addons: Download and use different plugins to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Priority mode:Set your device to block incoming calls and all notifications except alarms to prevent game interruption.
  • Temperature monitoring / Memory monitoring:Set the device to automatically adjust the volume or video frame rate to prevent the device from overheating and prevent apps from running in the background when there is not enough memory.
  • Navigation button lock:hide the buttons on the navigation bar, this locks the navigation bar, so you don’t accidentally press those buttons while playing the game.
  • Touch protection:lock the touch screen while you play.
  • Engrave:record a video of the game you are playing. On newer phones and tablets, this uses the screen recorder feature that is built into the device’s software.

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