They show how to catch players in Shipment

A fun video of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 shows a player trapping another during a game in shipment. Activision has added new maps to Modern Warfare 2 since it launched in October 2022, but most have been remakes of existing maps.

Modern Warfare 2 did not launch with Shipment as this fan-favorite Call of Duty map was added during Season 1. Due to its diminutive size, matches on this map are hectic and chaotic and can lead to some cases. and fun interactions.

Now, a fan has shared a video in which he shows how he manages to trap an opponent while playing a game in Shipment.

A user of reddit named Due_Literature_2556 has uploaded a hilarious video of him playing Shipment with a riot shield as his secondary weapon.

Riot shields are quite common on this map, as many players use the Overkill perk in Modern Warfare 2, which allows them to equip the shield to protect themselves from backfire while using their primary weapon.

Modern Warfare 2: A fun video shows how to catch players in Shipment

However, Due_Literature_2556 has used the riot shield in a fun and creative way, as it manages to trap an opponent, making the other player unable to move from the place where it traps them, resulting in a very funny scene.

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