Mirror’s Edge is not leaving digital stores

Electronic Arts delivered some bad news earlier this week when it was announced that the company would be removing some of its games from digital stores, including Mirror’s Edge.

However, it has now been revealed that Mirror’s Edge will not be retired. The decision, which will continue to affect other popular titles such as Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, was not well received by fans of those games, but it was the inclusion of Mirror’s Edge in this announcement that really caused stir.

Following online outcry over the news, EA has clarified that the inclusion of Mirror’s Edge was actually a mistake. It is unclear why this error occurred, as Mirror’s Edge has no relationship to the Battlefield franchise other than the fact that both were developed by DICE. Unlike Battlefield games, Mirror’s Edge is a single player game with no online multiplayer functionality.

Although it initially contained online leaderboards at launch, the leaderboards functionality was removed in October of last year, so the game contained literally no online functionality at the time of its removal announcement.

The bug fix has come as a great relief to fans of Mirror’s Edge, who feared that they would not be able to buy or play the game after it was removed from digital stores.

While the game’s release from digital stores wouldn’t have made it unplayable for those who already owned it, the fact that it was no longer available for purchase would have made the game experience much more difficult for new players.

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