Hugo Rodallega reveals himself against Cali and guides Santa Fe to the eight best

Independiente Santa Fe showed off its good moment and exacerbated the crisis at Deportivo Cali, after defeating him 3-0 in the stadium the campinin play pending for the second date of the championship. Hugo Rodallega celebrated his first goals as Cardenal, precisely against his previous team in Colombia.

The first great action of danger was carried out by the visiting team through Kevin Viveroswho received a filtered pass between the lines of Kevin Velascofailing in the one-on-one with the goalkeeper Jose Silva, who stopped the shot with his legs.

Rodallega warned after 6 minutes with a cross from the left sector of Dayron Mosquera, finishing first with his right leg and sending the ball over the crossbar of the goal defended by the Uruguayan Kevin Dawson.

José Enamorado also tried it in a great individual action, receiving a ball on the left sector of the field, eluding an opponent and finishing off with his right foot and sending the ball just wide.

Dawson avoided the fall of his goal in the 22nd minute, sending a shot from mid-range from Ivan Rojastouching the ball and sending it to the corner after touching the right upright.

Rodallega, 18 years later

However, in the next charge the Uruguayan stayed halfway, leaving his door uncovered for Hugo Rodallega to get up unmarked and send the ball to the bottom with a header. This is the first goal of the Valle del Cauca attacker since his return to Colombian soccer and the first in the FPC after 18 years.

Cali was barely able to react with a still ball that the Uruguayan José Aja by very little ends up sending the bottom of his own goal; immediately afterwards Christian Marrugo finished off a deflected overhead kick into the Azucarera area.

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In the first play of the second half, Kevin Viveros created danger again with a shot from the ground after a rebound generated by poor control by a teammate; however, once again Silva was confident in deflecting the ball with his legs.

Wilfredo de la Rosa he tested Dawson with a strike from midrange on 47 minutes, saving the Uruguayan goalkeeper by sending the ball over his crossbar for a corner kick.

Cali had its clearest chance at 55 minutes, with a counterattack generated after a corner kick against, which Viveros changed for a goal with a free shot at the far post. The action was invalidated for offside by the scorer.

John Vasquezentered for the auction of the commitment, could have matched the shares to the 66 minutesafter a pass from Kevin Viveros that he finished off first with his right leg, going over goalkeeper Silva’s left post.

Rodallega double

Hugo Rodallega returned to say present on the scoreboard after 70 minutes, exchanging a free kick in the box for a goal Fabry Castro over De La Rosa. The Valle del Cauca charged Dawson’s left hand, who chose his right hand. In both scores, the experienced striker apologized for scoring against his former team.

From there the game was everything for the team Harold Riverawho found spaces in defense against a visiting team that took risks in search of a discount. Rodallega himself and Wilson Morelo, who replaced him at the end, were close to the third goal.

The third and last goal of the match came after 90+3 minutes, again from the penalty area, after a great individual action by neyder morenocut in the area by a grab from Yimmi Congo. Moreno himself changed the execution for a goal with a launch similar to Rodallega’s.

Santa Fe at eight and Cali in the background

With this victory, Independiente Santa Fe reached 13 points and entered the group of eight, next Sunday he will act as a local in the classic against millionaires. Cali, meanwhile, sinks to the bottom of the table with 7 points and next Sunday he will receive the America in the classic vallecaucano.

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