How to Get Gold Quickly (Best Methods)

The gold coins in devil 4 They represent the main money of this installment of the saga, and of course you are going to need a lot of gold if you want to trade with NPCs in cities, trade with other players, or reset your skill tree. For all these reasons, later in this entry of our guide let’s show you what are the best ways of get gold fast in the game, so you will never be short of this currency.

Complete dungeons

Probably the dungeons in Diablo 4 they are one of the best ways to earn gold in a guaranteed way and in large quantities.

  • Complete the dungeons: it takes you about 10-15 minutes each.
  • If you kill all enemies: In addition to the final boss, you can get thousands of gold coins.
  • You will recognize its cones on the map: by the shape of a door with bars.

explore the cellars

The basements They are another great way to earn gold quite similar to dungeons, but in this case they are a game activity. shorter duration.

  • Cellars are similar to dungeons: but they are like smaller versions with a couple of rooms and a minor boss with minions to kill.
  • This activity can be completed: in just a couple of minutes.
  • You will recognize its cones on the map: by the shape of an open hatch.

Complete missions and side events

Another of the optional activities in the world that reports the most gold in Diablo 4 are the side missions and the local events:

  • Side missions: They have to be rewarded with a large amount of gold and are recognized on the map with blue exclamations.
  • Local events: they appear randomly with an orange triangle icon in the world and are usually small events that are easy to complete.

Of these two methods, the most recommended is that of secondary missions. Local events are not as geared towards winning gold in large quantities, but They also serve to obtain lootWhich brings us to the next step…

Sell ​​the equipment you have left over

An easy way to earn gold in Diablo 4 is go to the merchants of the cities for sell all the equipment that you are not going to need or use. Just by playing around a bit you will notice that there is a lot of equipment that you will never useTherefore, instead of simply throwing it away, it is better to take advantage of the money that the sellers can give you.

especially the rare or legendary items sell for generous amounts of gold. And while you dedicate yourself to doing the activities that we have mentioned above, you will surely accumulate many items that you do not want to use. Remember that you can always create a transporter portal to the nearest capital to sell the equipment you have left over from your inventory and then quickly return to where you were.

Raise your renown and claim gold rewards

In Diablo 4 there is a renowned system which is divided by the main regions of the map. popularity increases as you perform side activities (some of them we have already mentioned in this entry), and every certain amount of accumulated renown you can claim some rewards specials.

Open the map view and display the renown information for the region you are in. If you have reached the necessary milestonesyou can get gold and more rewards.

For example in Broken Tops you can get at least 3,000 gold thanks to the renown system in the first level of region rewards, but in the last one the reward becomes 150,000 gold (although for the last two sectors you will have to increase your world level).

Explore the world and kill demons

Finally, as in all games of Devil, roaming the world and killing demons is another effective way to get gold for your pockets. The simple fact of killing enemies will make them drop gold (if they are rare or elite enemies, even better, since they usually drop more money). Remember that in higher world levels there is bonus to the amount of gold which is won from monsters.

Sometimes while exploring, it is possible meet a special enemy called Treasure Goblin. You will recognize it because it carries a huge shiny sack and it drops gold in its path when you damage it. If you manage to kill one of these before it escapes, drop a considerable amount of loot and quite a bit of money.

Also you can also find gold by breaking boxes, tree trunks, stones… And of course opening chests (including silent chests that are opened by whispering keys). Do not leave any unopened when you come across them.

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