Get a free Pool 3 card in Marvel Snap and all the changes in the store

Marvel Snap has received an important patch on March 21 with numerous changes to cards (including a nerf to Thanos), series drops, fixed bugs… but perhaps the most important are the changes in obtaining cards.

The speed at which new cards are unlocked upon reaching Series 3 (collection level 500 or higher) and the difficulty in obtaining Series 4 and Series 5 cards has led Second Dinner to introduce some structural changes which we explain below.

These changes particularly affect two fronts: obtaining Tokens and splitting the Token Store in two, which include the possibility of get a free Pool 3 card per month.

Token Shop Reforms: Get a Free Pool 3 Card

As of the March 21, 2023 update, the Token Shop will only sell cards from series 4 and 5in addition to the Ultimate variants.

The prices do not change: they continue to cost 3,000 tokens the letters of Series 5, 5,000 tokens for Ultimate variants, and 6,000 tokens the cards of series 6. In return, the amount of tokens that are obtained will be increased.

And what about the cards of series 3? These occupy a new section in the shop, below the token shop, called Choose Your Card. It looks like this.

In the section choose your card you can get a completely free Series 3 card, without spending tokens… but you can only claim one per season (ie, one per month).

Like the token shop, this option It will only appear if you have reached collection level 500 (here we explain how to quickly level up the collection), which implies that you already have all the cards from Series 1 and Series 2.

The Choose your card section works in a similar way to the store: you will get a random card from Series 3 that you do not have every 8 hoursbut you won’t be able to pin it: you must decide in those eight hours if you buy it or wait for another one to come out, because there are no returns.

If you have already completed series 3, then this section will not appear

Go-go chips at Marvel Snap

With this change, you can now get a card from Pool 3 a month very quickly, without having to rely on chest ratios and collector reserves, but the store remains more inaccessible: reserved for the rarest cards, but with prices so high that you will hardly use it.

Fortunately, now we will get more tokens in Marvel Snap. Collector’s Chests and Reserves will replace 100 token drops with 200 to 600 token drops.

Also, if you have already completed series 4 and series 5, the drops in which you would have gotten a card from that series will be 100 tokens.

The ultimate goal is that the token shop is not used so lightly with series 3 cards that are not as valuable, because you can get them more frequently in chests and reserves by leveling up collector.

Instead, the store will be reserved for the rarer series 4 and 5 cards, which are very expensive, but now you’ll get more tokens than before (and in case there was any doubt, tokens can’t be obtained by paying real money).

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