Casino Games “Live”, but playing online

Thanks to the spread of the Internet, technology that is practically within everyone’s reach, thousands of computer users have switched from the classic casino to the new Internet casino.

The Casino Games "Live"but playing online

More and more people are having fun on the Internet, in many cases thanks to the virtual versions of the same games that they knew in physical format, probably several years ago.

Thanks to the spread of the Internet, technology that is practically within everyone’s reach, thousands of computer users have gone from casino classic to the new internet casino.

There are multiple advantages of online casino games and, if you are taking your first steps, you will surely want to know what these benefits are, especially in the “Live” mode.

The interesting thing about learning about live casino games, but playing online, is that you will discover how many of the most famous games that exist can be enjoyed not only through the computer but also live!following the news of what happens as if you were in the casino!

If you want to access the real experience of an online casino with a leading operator, they have certain characteristics that differentiate them, such as for example the wide catalog of games.

In the following lines, we are going to take care of review some of those popular games, comment on what each one is about and explain why they are among the favorites of the public. Really, we would not be surprised if one of them was your favorite in casino games.

What is live online casino?

Unlike the first online casinos, in which the client basically faces software, live online casinos stand out because you are not facing a system or a machine, but rather you are connected through the web to, by video camera installed in a specific place, enjoy games of your favorite games. What we were saying, the real experience of going to the casino.

There you can play roulette, blackjack or other games live and with a human dealerso the sensations are much more pleasant and similar to those of the casino.

A good percentage of online casino fans are turning to live casinosprioritizing these more genuine sensations and leaving aside the tediousness of facing the software.

The main live online casino games

· Live Roulette

The objective of roulette is to anticipate the number of the box in which the ball stops, with the possibility of making one or more bets and winning each time the number is included in them.

Remember that roulette goes from 1 to 36, and adds 0 and sometimes double 0.

· Live Blackjack

The goal of blackjack is to get the sum of all the cards to be higher than the dealer’s, but with the caveat that you can’t go over 21. The best possible hand is the one that gives the game its name, and represents the sum out of 21. You do not compete against the players, only against the dealer.

· Live Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a variation of the famous Texas Hold’em poker game that various online casinos have adopted in recent years, and in which you compete against the house, not against others.

The object of the game is to get the best hand with five cards from the standard deck that Casino Hold’em has. Two of them are dealt and the other five cards are community.

· Live 3 Card Poker

In Three Card Poker, players compete against the dealer, who starts the hand with a queen. It offers payouts of up to 100 to 1, based on completed bets, and there are special bets. Again, it is played with the only standard deck of 52 cards that must be constantly shuffled.

· Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is played in much the same way as traditional Baccarat, with the player doing everything in their power to beat the bank, getting close to 9 but not being able to bust.

· Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Finally, Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is one of the most successful offers today. You compete against the house and you must beat it by combining your two cards and the five shared ones. There are numerous bets available and there are no long waits for your turn to come.

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