what are the exclusive missions of each house and how to activate them

Warning– This post contains minor spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy, but no SPOILERS for the main story or exclusive quests.

Many users wonder what difference there is between choosing one or another house in Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s remember that we have 4 available: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Each one has its Common Room in different areas of the castle, its own shelter of the Daedalus Keys and also its own exclusive missions. Below I will tell you what they are and when they are activated so that you can play them.

Hogwarts Legacy Exclusive Quests

House-exclusive missions can only be played with the house each house belongs to. There is no way to play them with another house. Hogwarts Legacy It features 4 character slots, each with their own manual save slots. This means that you can have a character for each house.

The positive part is that these exclusive missions are part of the main story and are very close to the beginning of the game. In addition, you have to go through them compulsorily if you want to get all Achievements and Trophies, since there are 4 who want to reach a certain point in the story with each of the houses. It takes approximately 2-2:30 hours to complete each trophy while going at a fast pace.

All missions are unlocked at the same time, since they replace each other. The steps to reach them are as follows:

  1. Progress through the main story until completing the Herbology Class and Potions Classroom quests.
  2. The mission will be activated the girl from ouagadougou. Natty meets you in Lower Hogsfield to talk about something she can’t talk about in the castle.
  3. When you finish, you will hear screams by the lake. Get closer to activate the mission Trials of Merlin. Help Nora Treadwell and solve the puzzle. Once you do all this, the exclusive mission of each house will be activated.

The exclusive missions are four branches that start from the same place and arrive at the same place: meet the ghost of Richard Jackdaw to reach the mission Jackdaw’s Rest. The names of the missions are as follows:

  • In Search of the Lost Pages (Gyffindor): Activates when you receive a letter from Nellie Oggspire.
  • Scrope’s Last Hope (Slytherin): activates when you receive a letter from the house elf Scrope.
  • Ollivander’s Relic (Ravenclaw): Activates after talking to Gerbold Ollivander in his shop in Hogsmeade.
  • Prisoner of Love (Hufflepuff): Activates when you receive a letter from Lenora Everleigh.

All exclusive missions have something special and deserve to be played. But the question is inevitable: Which is the best? In my personal opinion, the order from best to worst would be: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. If you decide to play them all, remember to go a little further to unlock the trophy for each house.

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