Vic is Tatsumaki in excellent One Punch Man cosplay

Since chapter 224 of the One Punch Man manga was published, tributes to one of the most popular female characters in Yusuke Murata’s work have not stopped, and I’m talking about Tatsumaki, the tornado of terror. For this reason, we recently saw an excellent cosplay of Tatsumaki from Vic or ravvsewwhich shows us what it could look like in a live-action adaptation.

For those who are not up to date with the One Punch Man manga, in the last chapter of the manga that was published in February we saw a confrontation between Saitama and Tatsumaki, so since then we have seen several cosplays of the tornado of terror that show us how would this powerful heroine be seen in a live-action adaptation. Among the Tatsumaki cosplays that emerged this month we have Vic’s, which arrived in the first week of March.

It was on March 6 that Vic posted his first photo cosplaying One Punch Man, even though Yusuke Murata’s anime and manga have been quite popular for a long time. Of course, the fans have nothing to complain about and they gave a very positive reception to the Tatsumaki cosplay that Vic posted, which you can fully appreciate with the post below.

In the time she has been doing cosplays we have seen Vic transform into dozens of characters and she has already taken more than a hundred photographs transformed into some of her fictional characters. Since the showdown between Saitama and Tatsumaki isn’t over yet in the One Punch Man manga, hopefully we’ll see more pictures of Vic in his tornado of terror cosplay soon.

Vic has done many cosplays that bring fictional characters to life in the costumes they wear in his original works, but on certain occasions he cosplays in alternative aspects designed to offer fan service. Such is the case with Tatsumaki’s cosplay, because although the costume we see in One Punch Man is quite similar, the last chapter of the manga made it clear that Tatsumaki does wear panties, contrary to Vic in his cosplay that you can see a little more above.

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