The VAR changes LaLiga –

The VAR has changed the fight for LaLiga. His interventions have contributed to the extent that Barcelona has sentenced the competition. Part with a twelve-point lead over Real Madrid. In a parallel league, in which the video arbitration did not correct the braids, both teams would be tied at 61 points. What’s more, the whites would be leaders by having the goal average cattle.

Real Madrid is the team most punished by the corrections that the VAR makes to the referees. Up to eleven times he was harmed by this circumstance. Almost four times more than what technology has entered against the Catalans (3). ANDWhat’s more, of those eleven interventions against whites, the result of the matches ended up conditioned on adding up to five points. Two were left against Girona and Betis and one against Barcelona. Now, despite the complaints from Real Madrid, the three actions were well appraised from the VOR Room. Both Asensio’s hand against Girona, and Rüdiger’s hand in Benzema’s goal against Betis and Asensio’s offside at the Camp Nou.

Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, is having more luck with the VAR. In addition to benefiting from the five points that the whites have missed due to the VAR tips; they have managed to add seven thanks to technology. De Mestalla took two more points thanks to the annulled goal to Samu Lino by a previous hand from Marcos André. Against Athletic in San Mamés he could have ended up losing, but he ended up winning thanks to VAR: Raphinha’s goal was conceded and Williams was annulled somewhat by Muniain’s previous hand. That match, which ended 0-1 for the Catalans, before the VAR era, would possibly have ended 1-0. And, finally, in the Clásico they took the win thanks to Asensio’s goal disallowed for offside.

Asensio’s disallowed goal was the sixth VAR intervention in a league Clásico. Real Madrid has two in its favor and Barcelona three, although there was also an identity error due to a yellow shown in Valdebebas in 2021 and that did not influence any. The first irruption of technology occurred in 2018, when Varane’s penalty was awarded against Luis Suárez; the second occurred in the 2020-21 season, when a maximum penalty was awarded to the whites for Lenglet grabbing Ramos, and last season Aubameyang’s goal was awarded, which had previously been annulled by the linesman. This season, there has been an intervention for the Clásico league. In the first leg, Eric Garcia’s penalty was awarded against Rodrygo and in the second leg the aforementioned goal by the Balearic soccer player was annulled. Despite the controversies, the decisions taken in the last Barcelona-Real Madrid game by De Burgos Bengoetxea were correct. There was orsay in the annulled goal and in Gavi’s slap to Carvajal in the face, at best it would have been yellow and not red, as they claimed.

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