Netflix will add the popular Monument Valley to its cloud gaming platform, along with 40 other titles | TECHNOLOGY

Netflix has announced that it plans to incorporate into its platform games More than 40 titles are currently in development in the cloud, along with more than 80 currently in development, a move that includes titles such as Monument Valley, Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, and Terra Nil.

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the tech company already offers 55 games on its streaming content platformwhich can be accessed by users with a subscription, at no additional cost.

His commitment to games materializes in the intention of incorporate more than 40 titles in the next year, and another 70 that for now are still being developed by their partners, as reported by the company on its press website. It is also developing 16 games in-house.

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The new titles that will expand the Netflix catalog will cover a wide variety of genres, such as role-playing, narrative adventures or puzzles. Being some of them: Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace (April 18), Monument Valley 1 and 2 (2024) and Terra Nil (March 28).

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