Microsoft will launch its own game store by 2024

After operating successfully in the game market for consoles and PC, Microsoft is planning to expand into the mobile industry. During an interview, Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, revealed the company’s intentions to Launch your own marketplace for iOS and Android.

He also stated that if all goes as planned, the new store would open in early 2024. However, for this to happen, we must wait for the Digital Markets Law to come into force, which will force Apple and Google to allow their users to access their applications. from more than just the App Store and Google Play.

This new law would come into effect on May 2 of this year, and will identify the “digital gatekeepers” who use their power to block other companies’ access to the mobile market. They will have until March 6, 2024 to break down those barriers.

Phil Spencer says that Xbox wants to explore the mobile market to fulfill its objective of offering content on all possible screens and media. The executive explains that the store will offer its users both first party games and titles produced by other companies.

“We want to be able to deliver content from both our own and our third-party partners to any screen someone wants to play on,” Spencer said. The Activision Blizzard purchase will be very important if it is approved, since will allow Microsoft to access King’s catalog of games.

The company is aware that it will be a challenge to compete with Google Play and App Store if you decide to launch your own store. However, he maintains that offering “recognized and popular content” will be crucial to engaging gamers and encouraging them to try something new in the mobile space.

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