How to get whispering keys to open silent chests

Have you come across silent chests in your Diablo 4 travels and don’t know how to open them? You will need to get hold of whispering keys first. Here we explain where to get them.

One of the many materials and objects that we can get in devil 4 are the calls whispering keyssome special keys that will serve you to open the silent chests that you will find throughout the wide world of the game. If you do not know how to get them or how to use them, don’t worry, we explain it to you in this entry of our guide so that you have no doubts.

How to get whispering keys?

Whispering Keys can only be obtained in Diablo 4 through the trade with a curio vendor.

  • Curio vendors are merchants that can be found in the main cities and capitals of the world, such as Lizveth, in kyovashad.
  • You will recognize the map locations of these merchants by their bag-shaped cone with a question mark.
  • Among the various items curio vendors have for sale, you can purchase whispering keys from them for 20 murmuring skittles (they’re at the bottom of your item list).
  • Curio vendors have a unlimited amount of whispering keys for sale.

Skittles are the only currency used at Curio Vendors, so you can’t buy Whispering Keys with gold, only Skittles. Luckily the bowling they are not very difficult to get if you dedicate yourself to complete side activities around the map, as you can get them in different quantities by doing random local events, clearing cursed chests from basements, or in some optional dungeons.

Where to use the whispering keys?

As we have already said above, the whispering keys They serve to open the silent chestssome chests that you have probably already found at some point in the open world of Diablo 4. These chests they are closed and can only be opened spending a whispering key

Actually the silent chests do not have fixed positions on the map, but they can constantly change. You will often see them protected by enemies, in camps or to the side on the roads. You will recognize them by shiny chains which keep them closed, unlike normal chests.

Silent Chest Rewards

The rewards of the silent chests are usually randomalthough it seems that there is a higher chance of obtaining loot from rare or unique qualityin addition to gold, when you open them. If you are very unlucky, they may only give you common quality loot.

you decide if it’s worth it Reverse bowling pins in the keys to open them.

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