Does GTA San Andreas have a cheat to be Goku on PS2? We solve your doubt – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The third installment in the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise is packed with so many crazy features that it makes us wonder about this one.

GTA San Andreas is a timeless gem, there is no doubt about it. There are so many crazy activities and actions to do that naming them all would be almost impossible. So, if you have seen a video on YouTube in which your character becomes Goku from Dragon Ball, you may have wondered if it is possible to do it through some trick on your PS2. Today we answer your question.

That being said, don’t forget that you can check out all the GTA San Andreas cheats for PS3 and PS4. You’ll have so many to have fun with that countless hours of madness await you!

Is there a cheat to be Goku in GTA San Andreas?

Despite the number of videos that we can see on the Internet and that show us our beloved Goku in the city of San Andreas, this is not possible. But then, how are these videos recorded?

For starters, these are not recorded on a PS2, but with the PC version of GTA San Andreas. This makes it easier for us to have at our disposal an infinite number of mod with which to modify the game and, among all of them, we have the possibility of change to our character and put Goku.

In other words: the original game does not integrate this option, so we have to incorporate it ourselves. This, from the mythical PlayStation 2, cannot be done, so our only option in this case would be to play it on PC.

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