Chad Stahelski on the Ghost of Tsushima movie

A little over a week has passed since the first season of the The Last of Us series ended on HBO, an adaptation of the acclaimed video game by Naughty Dog and a great success for PlayStation Productions. This leaves us excited about the next PlayStation video game adaptations, among which is the Ghost of Tsushima film directed by Chad Stahelski.

The Ghost of Tsushima movie was announced by Sony in March 2021 and it has since been confirmed that it will be directed by Chad Stahelski, who made his name by directing the John Wick movies and participating in the risk scenes of Captain America: Civil War and Birds of Prey. A new interview with Stahelski was published last week where he talks a bit about the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Chad Stahelski says he hopes The Last of Us series will help change the mindset on video game adaptations, as he’s working on both Ghost of Tsushima and Rainbow Six. “Both are fantastic projects that I hope will bear fruit.says Stahelski, but it’s clear that his favorite of the two is Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost… has an amazing story. It’s the anti-samurai samurai movie. It has great themes… (thanks to The Last of Us) the video game to movie curse is almost lifted. Can be done. You only have attention and love. And ghost, of probably all the video game movies in development, I think is the one that’s going to land.”

Although it has been two years since it was announced, in December 2021 Chad Stahelski said that they wanted to take their time to do things right, so the Ghost of Tsushima movie is a long way off.We already know how video game adaptations can come out”, Stahelski said then, assuring that they were working together with Sucker Punch Productions to stick as closely as possible to the game.

In addition to wanting to make an adaptation that feels true to the Ghost of Tsushima video game, Chad Stahelski has said that he wants an all-Japanese cast for a more authentic experience, as well as sharing his personal love of Japanese culture. “Sony is on board with supporting us on that.”, said the director, so we could see a production with a Japanese cast and spoken in Japanese as the original language.

In addition to working on the Ghost of Tsushima movie for PlayStation Productions, Chad Stahelski will also be directing the Rainbow Six movie, which, although it originates from Tom Clancy’s novels, the franchise is well-known in the world of video games. thanks to Ubisoft titles.

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