Xbox Series S bundle in store almost seems like a scam

A bundle console xbox series s seen in a pawnshop includes physical games, which would be great, except that the console does not have a disc drive.

Microsoft decided to try something different with Xbox when it came to their last generation of consoles. Instead of only launching the expensive Xbox Series X, it also launched a more affordable variant alongside it.

Priced at around $299, $200 cheaper than Series X, Xbox Series S has proven to be a solid way for gamers on a budget to still have access to exclusive next-gen games and get the most out of their Xbox Game subscriptions. Pass.

Xbox Series S is cheaper than Series X for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that Series S is less powerful than Series X. Although capable of playing all Series X games, Series S is not up to par when it comes to graphics quality or gaming performance.

Series S also lacks a disc drive, which could be a stumbling block for those who have amassed a large collection of physical Xbox games that they still want to play. Still, it seems many are okay with these drawbacks as long as it means they can save $200 to get the latest Xbox games.

An Xbox Series S bundle in a store almost seems like a scam

Now the user of reddit, DrDannny, found an even cheaper deal on the Xbox Series S at a pawnshop, although it didn’t make much sense. For one thing, the pawnshop was selling the Xbox Series S console for $199, which is a great deal, but it also included the option to buy it as part of a $219 bundle.

The $219 bundle included the Xbox Series S console, as well as the Xbox One versions of NBA 2K20, Madden NFL 20, and EA Sports UFC. While the Xbox Series X would have no problem playing these games, the Xbox Series S’s lack of a disc drive means these games would be pretty much useless for anyone who decided to buy the bundle.

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