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Valorant: Gekko Improvements in Patch 6.05

Within a week of his release, Gekko became the focus of Valorant’s 6.05 patch notes.

As Act II of Episode 6 progresses, the newest Agent in Riot Games’ FPS is already getting some mods. This Tuesday, the developer published the Patch Notes 6.05 of Valorant, where the most relevant are the upgrades for Gekko. In addition, performance updates and bug fixes are added.

Riot Games recently took advantage of the LOCK//IN final in Sao Paulo to unite the two facets of its FPS: competitive and in-game. In said event, the company carried out a Showmatch to present Gekko, Agent 22, which is already available on the official server. Barely a week after his arrival, the Los Angeles native Initiator will receive improvements in several of his fighting partners. This is the most relevant thing that Valorant patch 6.05 brings, along with bug fixes and updates to the gameplay systems. Here at CodigoEsports we do a brief review of everything.

Gekko Upgrades

  • Improved planting and deactivation Carnalito (Q) So I could aim for higher places
  • Audio:
    • Added variations of audio for the explosions of Brutal Pogo (S)
    • Audio improvements for Vertigo’s (E) plasma blasts, which will help identify them when they fly towards you or an ally in the air.
  • Special effects:
    • New effects when Gekko recovers an orb and upon completing the recovery of a globule
    • Improved graphics of enemy creature globules
    • Improved agent selection performance

However, these are not the only news for Gekko, as the new operator arrived with a flurry of bugs and Riot was working on those that were presented.

Error correction


  • Fixed a bug where Googling wouldn’t take damage from melee attacks
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gekko’s friendly orbs to appear white outside of Replica Mode custom games
  • Fixed various animation glitches for all abilities
  • Fixed Gekko’s ult UI sticking on screen if the round ended while in possession of Pummel
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Carnalito from deactivating the Spike after using the command to swap teams in a custom game
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Googly to escape an exaggerated distance when attempting to plant the Spike while airborne
  • Fixed bug where Pogo Brutal’s damage can be evaded when crouching into the pit
  • Fixed bug where Gnat’s torso would not trigger Cypher’s Tripwire (C)
  • Fixed a bug that would play the wrong animation when casting Gosh
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Gekko from planting the Spike in Spike Rush if Gosh was unable to plant it
  • Fixed Pogo Brutal’s English name showing with “Mosh’s Pit” instead of “Mosh Pit”

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Definitely, Gekko brought many headaches to the players after his departure, although it also did it with those who work on the state of the game. If you want to read the full Valorant 6.05 patch notes, here is the direct link.

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