Trigun Stampede Releases Shocking Trailer For Season Finale

The first season of the anime Trigun Stampedeit has been a complete success, and now it is preparing for the end.

That’s how it is, Vash the Stampede is gearing up for the final episode of its debut season, and it’s celebrating by releasing the first-look trailer.

And it is that, the anime has been showing a completely new version of the classic action manga franchise of Yasuhiro Nightow with its new Trigun episodes thus far, and the series has also introduced fans to a very different dynamic between Vash the Stampede and his twin brother, Million Kniveswhere everything will soon reach its climax with the grand finale of the anime reboot.

Every single episode of Trigun Stampede was constantly bringing Vash and Knives together for an ominous reunion during the reboot anime series’ debut season, and that makes the season finale all the more intriguing as to what the two of them are up to. fans can wait.

With the reboot changing so much about Trigun’s story, it makes previewing Episode 12 of the series all the more enticing as there’s no real way to guess how this is all going to end.

Episode 12 of the anime (which also serves as the anime’s season finale), is scheduled to air this coming Saturday, March 25. So if you want to watch the final episode of Trigun Stampede soon after it airs in Japan, you can catch up with the rest of the episodes at crunchyroll.

Here’s its official synopsis: “Vash the Stampede is a jolly pacifist gunslinger, so why does he have a $6 million bounty on his head? That’s what baffles rookie reporter Meryl Stryfe and her jaded veteran partner when they investigate the vigilante only to find someone who hates blood. But his investigation uncovers something heinous: his evil twin brother, Millions Knives.”

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