“I think Ellie knows she’s not being told the truth”

hBO kept its promise and in the first season of The Last of Us presented the full story of the first video game. joel and Ellie crossed the United States to meet The Firefliesbut the outcome of this story changed over time, leaving behind the main mission to establish an unbreakable bond in our protagonists.

Weeks after escaping from The Fireflies, Joel and Ellie are on the outskirts of Jackson, ready to start a more “normal” life with Tommy and Maria. But before they take that final step, Ellie wants one last show of trust.

The girl asks Joel about what happened with The Fireflies, hoping to get the truth about that fateful day. Joel, undeterred, lies again, swearing that everything that could be done about his immunity from him has been done. Ellie seems to believe him, but something in his eyes is broken.

Joel (Pedro Pascal) senses that Ellie (Bella Ramsey) knows he’s being lied to.

Ellie turns to joel and asks him to swear that it is true what happened with The Fireflies, he does it and the girl says “ok”, thus ends the first season of the series. Peter Pascal infers that Ellie’s character knows it’s a lie.

“He (Joel) has to lie to keep it going,” Pascal told Empire in an interview.

Bella Ramsey also chatted about the controversial finale: “I think Ellie knows.”

“There’s a part of her that knows or fears that he’s not telling the truth. But she has to believe it (…) because otherwise it would break her heart.”

The Last of US broke ratings records

The story based on the video game of the same name closed its first season with an audience of 8.2 million peoplea number that comes from the combination of people who followed it on the cable channel HBO and the streaming platform HBO Max, according to data from Variety magazine.

The first six episodes of the series, which chronicles the post-apocalyptic adventure of a man on a mission to bring back to safety a girl who may hold the promise of a pandemic cure, have so far been watched by 30 million viewers, making Pascal and Bella Ramsey idols worldwide.

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