I imagined winning, but didn’t think we’d beat Team USA by so many

mexico took many by surprise by achieving to 11-5 victory over Team USA in the World Baseball Classic.

This win against the favorites helped the Mexican side bounce back after kicking off the tournament with a loss to Colombia.

After the game against the American team, even Mexico coach Benjamin Gil acknowledged that he did not imagine it would happen the way they did it.

“I didn’t think we were one hit and three outs away from winning by knockout against an opponent with the quality of Team USAI really didn’t,” he said in an interview with ESPN.

Benjamin Gil remained calm after Mexico’s opener

gil mentioned that he had stayed calm despite the 5-4 loss to Colombia because Mexico played well, but luck was not on their side.

“I know we played a very good game (against Colombia), things just didn’t work out,” Gil noted.

“(Against Team USA), with the hits in the first innings, some of them were close to being outs.

“Why does baseball give you that? Because you remain focused on and committed to things.”

gil also made it clear that Mexico demonstrated in the World Baseball Classic that they are a team who know how to pitch, hit, run and play defense in their bid to reach the quarter-finals.

“The boys got loose and showed that Mexico are not only about pitching, as they can also hit, they have speed and can defend,” he added.

“We are showing that we are a team with players who know how to do everything.

“beating Team USA was not our only goal. We aim for a win in Tuesday’s game against Great Britainthen we focus on Canadawin that game and hopefully that will be enough to get on the plane and go to Miami.”

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