how to parry to stun enemies and dodge powerful attacks

Mastering Hogwarts Legacy combat is elementary for any self-respecting witch or wizard. The offensive part has no mystery: press the fast attack button, cast spells and break spells take care of enemies according to their color. The defensive part is usually the most complicated, despite all the help that the game offers us.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Protego spell, using the parry, how to stun enemies with Desmaius, and when to choose between blocking and dodging.

On the defensive at Hogwarts Legacy

the spells take care and desmaius they are not learned in classes, but with Professor Fig during the first minutes of the game. Do not underestimate them, because well used they are as powerful as those you learn from other teachers. First of all, you must take into account the visual prompts that appear above your head, indicating that you are about to receive an attack. Your ability to react and chain attacks will be vital to not lose the rhythm of the fights.

let’s start with him defensive spell protego and its two versions:

  • take care: This is the most basic version of the lock. Press the Protego button to prevent the spell from dealing damage to you and apply effects like Levioso.
  • Protect + counterattack (parry): If you perform the Protego at the exact moment and keep the button pressed, then you will counterattack your enemy with the Desmaius spell. Your enemies are lightly stunned, knocking them out for a few seconds.

This is the easy part and what tells you Hogwarts Legacy in their tutorials… but there is more. During fights, you can use Protego + counter with spells coming from any direction. You do not need look at your attacker to repel the attack.

On the other hand, you must look at the enemy to throw swoon. When executing Protego, quickly turn the camera towards the enemy you want, launch the Protego, then back to the enemy you want to damage. So you will quickly incapacitate an enemy and you can continue fighting with one less worry. You can also cast it to whoever you were damaging before receiving the attack.

Now there are two types of notices: orange and red. You can perform Protego with the orange attacks. Red Sign attacks cannot be blocked and you must use equive/dash to avoid them.

  • If you get hit you will lose more life than normal.
  • If you are fast enough, you can cut red or powerful attacks through Desmaius, effect spells like Levioso and/or throwing objects at the attacker. Remember the unwritten law of Dark Souls: the bigger, the slower and easier to dodge.

In any case, the key is keep up in combat and not mashing the attack button and casting spells. I recommend practicing to time your keystrokes when casting so you can block, parry, and dodge to keep launching attacks. If you wear helmets, you will be able to listen better when he is going to attack youespecially if the enemy is not in your line of sight.

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