How much does Jimmy Kimmel make per show?

Jimmy Kimmel is an American host and comedian, one of the most established figures of American late night. Raised in a staunchly Catholic environment, he was an altar boy during his childhood. At the age of 9 he moved to Las Vegas, where he spent his adolescence. It is at this time that he started doing radio for his high school radio station. He continued this hobby in college, doing a program for the University of Nevada/Las Vegas radio station.

In 1997, he was convinced to appear on television due to the humorous and contrasting tone of ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money’to Comedy Central game show which he co-hosted with the incumbent Ben Stein. His good relationship with the channel grew to the point that he presented his first program for it, ‘The Man Show’, which would begin in 1999. It soon became one of the reference spaces of the comedy channel, so he decided to leave ‘ The Win Ben Stein’s Money’ the following year.

In 2003 Kimmel had already left ‘The Man Show’ and had signed a contract with ABC to host his own late night, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!

With ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ the host has become a reference in American television and his network, of which this program is its longest-running late night. After more than 17 seasons, the show’s popularity continues to keep it alive, and the irruption of the Internet has made it even more relevant, with several of its sketches and interviews going viral with ease.

How much does Jimmy Kimmel earn?

For his work on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host earns a lot of money. His salary from him is reportedly around $15 million per year, while his net worth from him is around $50 million.

With over fifteen years on the air and a large fan base that continues to grow every year, there are no signs of Jimmy Kimmel Live! disappearing anytime soon. As for Kimmel himself, the host splits his time evenly between his show and his family.

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