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CoD Warzone 2 will remove his most powerful streak for being too strong

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 continues to add updates and content despite being at its lowest hours. Raven Software, which took the reins of the battle royale after its launch on consoles and PC, has made an important statement via Twitter stating that the Bomb Drone will be temporarily removed from the title to turn around that streak of casualties that has become field improvement. The Bomba Drone has been a true killing machine since day one and a cause of bugs and screen freezes. Luckily, the team in charge of free-to-play has already announced measures to balance it so that players are not at such a disadvantage against this flying object.

Raven Software takes action against the Drone Bomb, one of the worst evils of Warzone 2.0

“With the Season 2 Reloaded Update, the Bomb Drone will be disabled in Warzone 2 while we explore additional balance options for this killstreak. Patch notes with these changes and more will be posted on 3/15 shortly before the Season 2 update. update is available. Stay tuned.” We don’t know what exactly is going to be done with this streak, but Of course, everything indicates that its speed and the range of its explosion will be reduced, which can be deadly even when it is a bit far away.. His speed is one of the main problems, yes, because he runs faster than the players themselves and doesn’t give them time to react or hide.

Warzone 2.0 is also preparing for incorporate the skin of Shredder, the villain of the Ninja Turtles, with a special pack of cosmetics in the store. This collaboration, which fully fits the theme of season 2, could be just the beginning, since items related to those mutant turtles or other characters from the franchise could arrive over time. We recommend you take a look at the new meta of the second season and our guide.

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