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Blissey arrives at Teraincursions of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple this March 2023

Still with Decidueye’s Teraid underway, a new Pokémon is coming to March’s Teraid. So, Blissey will be available very soon in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple through the 5 stars. It is a tough specimen, especially due to its resistance, so in the following guide, we will tell you which is the best option to face it and defeat it. Come on!

What are Teraincursions?

The Teraincursions are characteristic events of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple that allow us to obtain strong and exceptional Pokémon. They are very similar to the Pokémon Shield and Sword raids, but with the particularity that the copies we get have the ability to use the teracrystallization.

There are different ranges depending on the power of the specimen we are facing, oscillating between 1 star and 7 stars for the most powerful. In this case, the Pokémon we are dealing with today is in the upper range, being a powerful adversary that we have to be well prepared for.

Decidueye: characteristic movements, Type and data

Blissey will be available in 5-Star Teraids the weekend of March 24-26. This pokemon is from Normal Type with Fairy Teratypeso a Ghost-Type option seems like the winning horse.

And when we talk about ghosts, surely it comes to us Gengar to the head, being resistant to Seismic or Toxic Movement, but there is a problem: it hits special and Blissey resists a lot. The rest of the ghosts, for one reason or another, are also ruled out.

Then what do we do? Very easy: Kingambit. This ninth generation Pokémon has all the attributes we need so that Blissey is not any kind of problem. To begin with, it is a Steel/Dark Type and, if we equip it with an Assault Vest, we can increase its Special Defense by 50%, so the damage is moderated. Blissey with Bliss is going to be a pain in lowering our stats, but luckily, Kingambit with Competitive can turn the tables by upping her Attack. All advantages!

In the case of not having this Pokémon nearby, a corvinknight It is always a safe bet and it would also help us to overcome the 5-star raid, or tinkaton it works for us too.

How to enter Blissey’s Teraid

However, to be able to participate in this type of event we have to adapt to a series of specific requirements:

  • In the first place we have to have spent almost the entire main story with the three respective paths.

Now, if we meet these requirements, we can fight against Blissey.

If with all this you still want more, you can read all the news of the Pokémon saga that we are telling you and you can also comment on them with other members of the community by joining the 3DJuegos Discord server.

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