The impressive transformation of Luis Fonsi’s ex after losing 15 kilos of weight

Adamari López has gone through two separations in the last decade that have left her with very good results, since she has managed to rise from each one like the true Phoenix Bird, being reborn and always showing a new and better version of herself to everyone.

The ex-wife of Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, the cheerleader Adamari Lopezreceived the year 2023 with a new look at her, for which she has been working hard in the last two years, in which she decided to dedicate all her free time to herself, and focus on losing weight, and improving her image.

When the year 2021 began, Adamari Lopez She told all her followers that from that moment on she was going to start Oprah Winfrey’s WW challenge, and that she would put herself as a priority: “New resolutions that I know are difficult to follow, but this 2021 I want to continue with that goal of achieving everything I want,” said the cheerleader.

In the same line of priorities, in which his health and peace of mind became his true priority, Adamari Lopez She also separated, in the middle of last year, from her second husband, and father of her daughter, the choreographer Toni Costa, with whom she spent the last years of her life.

Contrary to what happens to many women, who after separating from their partners fall into depressive processes that end up damaging their image, Adamari Lopez The opposite happened to him, and from there he put a little more effort into his healthy diet and his exercises, which is why he started 2023 with no other year in his life.

“Thanks to the focus and resources you have given me over the past 22 months, I have lost 32 pounds. The most important part is to maintain myself and continue living day by day, something that with so much effort I can celebrate today!” wrote Adamari Lopez on his Instagram account, also inviting all his followers to be part of this new lifestyle.

The incredible before and after of adamari lopez. Photo: MUI KITCHEN

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