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Turning the page after a breakup can seem like a daunting task. The readaptation process and even mourning after separation brings with it several phases, and one of the most common ways to close cycles is to make a radical change of look. After all, who doesn’t like to start a new stage with a completely renewed look?

Celebrities also go through this process. Who doesn’t remember Princess Diana’s iconic look, called the ‘Vengeance Dress’, which still inspires many women today?

To confirm this, we present a list of some celebrities who decided to reinvent their style after a breakup, as well as our eternal princess of the people.

This is how these celebs changed their post-breakup look

Lady Di

Diana Spencer was part of the British royal family, married to (until then) Prince Charles. During the wedding, we saw her with much more conservative outfits, flat shoes, knitted sweaters, blouses with ruffles and bows and with makeup always in neutral tones.

After the controversial separation, Diana decided to break all the dress codes that she had to follow in her married life because she was royalty. After the divorce, Diana went on to wear much more daring and sensual looks that showed a little bit of skin. Short dresses became a must in Diana’s wardrobe.

Miley Cyrus

The singer and actress met Liam Hemsworth in 2009, during the filming of The Last Song. A year later, the couple made their relationship official. This nearly decade-long relationship was marked by ups and downs, which were reflected in Miley’s style. Very feminine looks and long hair were the hallmark of the former Disney girl (hello Hannah Montana).

After the first breakup, Cyrus took a big leap and, little by little, started to bet on more daring looks, as in the music video for ‘Wrecking ball’. Back at Hemsworth, female Miley has also returned (albeit with a much wilder twist). After the divorce, Miley did not hesitate to reveal her rocker side, creating looks with some of her favorite pieces, such as black dresses, cutouts and leather.

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This is perhaps one of our favorite transformations! British singer Adele, after separating from Simon Konecki, not only radically changed her look, but she lost more than 30 kilos! Adele started her relationship with Konecki in 2010, a few years earlier she had already achieved worldwide popularity thanks to her single ‘Hometown Glory’.

Since then, we were used to seeing her in long dresses with long or three-quarter sleeves; she usually favored A-line or straight skirts and tied-up hair.

Adele divorced Simon in 2019, and two years later, the singer celebrated her 32nd birthday by posting a photo where she surprised everyone with her big change. From this photograph, we saw a much more daring Adele, who wears loose hair, short, tight and low-cut dresses. We love this new version of Adele!


A few years ago, soccer player Gerard Piqué and Shakira starred in one of the most romantic love stories. They fell in love at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where the song ‘Waka Waka’ became a hit. During their life as a couple, Shakira continued with her carefree boho chic style, blonde hair and almost always leaving natural curls.

What seemed to be a fairy tale ended in one of the most scandalous and controversial separations in recent years. In mid-2022, the relationship officially came to an end.

Since then, we’ve seen a totally reinvented Shakira. Pieces with transparencies, lingerie pieces like bralettes, miniskirts, short dresses and cropped dresses became the basics of the Colombian wardrobe. Another of the changes that we noticed in the singer are the straight hair, and more and more brown!

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