Rafael Devers will pay a million for borrowing US $ 3 million

It is no secret to anyone that the contract that Rafael Devers arranged with the Boston Red Sox is one of the largest that has been signed in baseball in recent times. In fact, he belongs to the select club of 300, that is, to the players who have been able to close their long-term agreements for a figure of more than 3 hundred. To be specific, his contract was agreed at 331 million dollars for 11 years, which will put his salary at almost 30.1 ‘sticks’ per season.

However, that big bicoca won’t be all for the red-legged third baseman. What few know is that in reality less than half of that money corresponds to him. Yes, just as it reads, Carita will not be able to enjoy its more than 300 ‘melons’ alone, since a good part of them will have to be distributed among various sources.

For example, 40% of the total amount will be to pay the federal tax in the United States and another 5% will go to the coffers of the State of Massachusetts. With everything and that, the discount does not end there, you also have to take out the 5% that corresponds to the Rep 1 Baseball agency, which represents the native of Sánchez.

One would think that losing 50% of the money is already a lot, but there is more. When Devers signed with the Red Sox in 2013, he was paid $1.5 million for his signing. Of these, it is estimated that between 30% and 50% remained in the pockets of the training program Ruddy Santín, a former coach who has already passed away.

Four years later Rafael arrived in the MLB after a meteoric rise through the youth ranks of Boston, but what few know is that, in that period, he committed part of his future earnings as major leaguers in exchange for a loan for 3 million, same that allowed him to improve his quality of life and that of his family. It was 10% of his future contracts as a major leaguer that he pawned.

What we narrate was carried out with the Big League Advantage company, an organization that is in charge of giving credits to prospects and in return receives a percentage of their income as MLB players.

That said, all that remains is to do the math and realize that, in the year 2033, when his contract with the Red Sox ends, Carita will have earned the sum of 348.74 million as a slugger in the best baseball in the world and will have delivered 34.8 to BLA. that is, 10% and an interest of 1060% for what he lent in his minor league days. For this reason, of those 331 million that he agreed, only 132.4 are his. That’s how clear things are.

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