Sara Corrales raises the temperature in a tiny blue bikini

Sarah Corrales decided to receive 2023 fed her soul and spirit, as she herself shared with her millions of fans on instagram with a publication in which he also showed some photographs, and it was with one of them that he drove his fans crazy by showing off in a tiny blue bikini brilliant with which he stole glances and raised the temperaturemanaging to receive thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments.

In recent weeks, the actress has been in the eye of the hurricane for her alleged relationship with the actor Gabriel Soto. According to the entertainment journalist alex kaffie, the co-star of the Colombian would have been pursuing her for several weeks, and to show her interest he has sent her various gifts; however, Irina Baeva He maintains that he still maintains his commitment to the soap opera heartthrob.

Sara Corrales shines in a flirty blue bikini

Also a model, born in Colombia, she began her professional life in her native country and gained fame when she participated in the reality show “Protagonistas de novela”, in which she took second place. Now she is also one of the darlings in the networks, as she shows with the number of her fans, because in instagram She has 3.3 million followers, with whom she constantly shares photos of her most revealing looks, like two-piece bathing suits.

Sara shows off a great body in a flirty look. Photo: IG @saracorrales

“They were wonderful days of reconnection, rest, meditation, yoga and contact with nature. I love sticking these little ruffles in the middle of my recordings to dedicate time to my spirit, to my soul, to be able to be silent to hear my inner voice, that’s what allows me to shine, remain at peace and fill myself with self-love so I can give it to those around me. And you? How much quality time do you dedicate to yourself? What is your favorite photo? #mysoul #saracorrales #tepoztlan #mexico “, wrote corrals to accompany the series of snapshots.

The 37-year-old Colombian beauty is very active on her official accounts, and she confirms this with her recent post on the Meta platform, with which she is crowned as one of the most beautiful actresses on the small screen, especially for the first image, with which he boasts a great body in a tiny blue bikini satin style, which she combined with a waist chain, and a flower headdress.

In a second image that Sarah He let us see in his stories, he is observed with the same look, but this time he lets us take a closer look at his flirty two-piece swimsuit, with which he highlighted his curvaceous silhouette and once again conquered his fans, because in less than 24 horas has managed to receive more than 37 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments, including that of the also actress Luz Elena González.

The beautiful actress conquers in a bikini. Photo: IG @saracorrales

For almost 10 years the actress has lived in Mexico, and in Colombia she continues to have business, one of which has to do with the real estate sector. In addition, she is the beautiful protagonist of “My way is to love you”, where she shares credits with grove, has worked as a singer, dancer, and has participated in reality shows, such as “Look who dances.” Other of her projects are: “El señor de los cielos” with her character Matilde, “Despertar contigo” and “La doble vida de Estela Carrillo”.


Sara Corrales turns on the net in a tight leopard bikini

Sara Corrales: 4 tight bikinis with which the network turns on and Gabriel Soto falls in love

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