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Did you see an orange dot on top of your iphone? It is likely that on some occasions you have noticed that a led light with this color appears on your cell phone, but if you did not give it the necessary importance, it is better that you know its meaning now.

The purpose of this light is that you know what actions to take, since, depending on the colors, certain apps may be abusing the privacy permissions that you gave them when installing them on your smartphone.

That is why, in SPORTSwe explain in detail what the orange dot on the iPhone means and at what times it usually appears.

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What does the orange dot on your iPhone mean?

If you have seen an orange dot located in the upper area of ​​your iPhone, surely you have many doubts about its meaning. Here we mention what it is about.

  • iPhones have different indicators to inform you about an event in the system, such as the orange dot that means that an application is using the microphone of your device.
  • Through this signal, you will be able to know if the application you are using is listening to your conversations, so you can take measures regarding your privacy.
  • Also, if you saw a green dot on your iPhone, it means that an app or tool is using your camera or it could be a combination of camera and microphone.
  • With these flags, Apple helps you know if the app you’re using is exceeding the permissions you gave it when you downloaded it, so you can take appropriate action.
  • Keep in mind that apps should only access your camera and microphone when you really need them to perform an action. For example, record an audio, make a call, among others.

How to activate the night mode of the iPhone

If you love taking photos, especially at night, a good option is to activate night mode from your iPhone. Here we tell you the process.

  • The first step is to enter the Settings app from the iPhone.
  • After this, open the Camera app.
  • Then, click on the option Keep settings.
  • Then turn on Night Mode.
  • When it is night or you are in a place where little light enters, this mode will be activated automatically.
  • Likewise, if you want to increase the exposure time of the photos, you should do so if you have a tripod, to avoid blurring the images.

Remember that you can always deactivate this mode by clicking on the circular icon, located in the upper left part of the camera interface.

5 ways to extend the battery of the iPhone

1. Lower the brightness of the iPhone

One of the most practical things you can do to save your iPhone battery is to reduce the brightness of your iPhone to a minimum.

2. Disable GPS from apps

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Now, open the Privacy option.
  • Among the alternatives, select Location Services.
  • After this, disable the GPS of the apps that you do not need to use.

3. Disable notifications

Another way to save battery on your iPhone is to receive as few notifications as possible. To do this, you have the option to activate the “Do not disturb” mode in the settings of your cell phone.

4. Avoid extreme temperatures

If you have your iPhone in a place that is too hot or cold, this can cause the battery to be consumed much faster, so it is preferable that you place it in a warm environment.

5. Delete apps

In the event that you have applications that you no longer use, you can delete them to prevent them from continuing to update and, therefore, use up more battery.


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