The tense lunch that Lady Di and Camilla Parker had in reality and that “The Crown” will never show you

Scandals in the English royal family have always been a matter of interest to the English people and also to the world. This increased after the death of Queen Elizabeth II as the monarchy began to reveal the enormous problems they have with each other. In the same way, intrigues within the royal family have always been commonplace. A few years ago, Lady Di was the protagonist of many of them, especially those that had to do with the King Charles III and his lover and current wife Camilla Parker.

Lady Di is the mother of Prince William and his brother Harry and was married for many years to the current King of England, the King Charles III. This was an extremely violent relationship where both were psychologically very complex as a couple. Camilla Parker, the third in the story, was a friend of Lady Di who ended up breaking the friendship after starting an affair with the King Charles III who did you marry after the death of Lady Di years ago.

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