Mexico will be 15th place in the FIFA ranking, despite being 22nd in the World Cup

Mexico, despite staying in the group stage in Qatar 2022, appears above teams like Japan; Brazil will continue as No. 1

Despite not making it past the group stage of the Qatar World Cup 2022and culminate in the 22nd place of the joust, the Mexican team is number 15 in the world in the FIFA ranking; The United States takes over as the highest ranked CONCACAF team, moving up three spots to 13th place. Mexico signed his worst site in a world since Argentina 1978, edition in which it was the last rung and when the jousts were still disputed with only 16 teams. Since that tournament that was held in South America and that was the last with 16 competing teams, the Mexican had not had such a bad time and she was always among the best 15.

Argentina will not occupy the top of the world classification of the FIFA this month, despite defeating France to win the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

Their South American rivals, Brazil, have held the No. 1 spot since February, when they ousted Belgium at the summit. But, although the ‘Selecao’ failed to get past the quarterfinals, the results of Argentina They have not been enough to overcome them.

Brazil they won three World Cup matches, lost to Cameroon and suffered a penalty shootout defeat to Croatia.

ArgentinaThe US, meanwhile, has won four games, losing one to Saudi Arabia and winning twice on penalties, including Sunday’s final when it beat France 4-2 on penalty kicks.

Argentina he won the Copa América in 2021 and is now a world champion, but it’s not enough for the No. 1 spot. Successes on penalties yield far fewer ranking points than wins in regulation time. Yes Argentina or France had won the final in 120 minutes, they would have moved on to first place, but a penalty shootout ensured that Brazil couldn’t be bettered.

Argentina and France move up one place to second and third respectively, while Belgium drop two places to fourth after failing to progress from the group stage. England remain in fifth place, with the Netherlands, also a quarter-finalist, moving up two places to sixth.

Croatia’s run to third place in the world Cup sees them as the biggest climbers in the top 10, moving up five places from 12th. Italy, which failed to reach Qatar 2022, drops two places to eighth. Portugal is unchanged in ninth place, with Spain dropping three places to tenth.

The highest ascents are Morocco and Australia, who moved up 11 places. Both countries performed better than expected, with Morocco in fourth place, now the highest ranked African team at 11th and Australia, who reached the round of 16, down to 27th. Not the highest ranking ever for Moroccoas they were ranked 10th in 1998, but in 2015 they were ranked 92nd.

Cameroon also enjoyed a huge rise of 10 places to 33rd, thanks to their win over Brazil.

Canada and Qatar are the biggest losers, both dropping 12 places to 53rd and 62nd respectively. Wales falls nine places to 28th; Denmark were down eight to 18 and Serbia were down eight to 29.

The new one FIFA World Rankingwhich is a rolling evaluation of the results weighted by importance, will be officially released on Thursday.

New FIFA top 20 ranking:

1. Brazil

2. Argentina

3. France

4. Belgium

5. England

6. Netherlands

7. Croatia

8. Italy

9. Portugal

10. Spain

11. Morocco

12. Switzerland

13. United States


15. Mexico



18. Denmark


20. Japan

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