how to download christmas sticker packs

The stickers They are a complement that is here to stay -or so we will see- in WhatsApp to enrich your chats on this popular platform instant messaging that allows you to exchange not only text messages but also multimedia content such as voice notes, photos, videos, calls, video calls and the unmissable stickers, so if you want to be in tune with the season of Christmas and New Year 2023, what better than downloading the best Christmas sticker packs for WhatsApp.

To make this compilation you will use an app that makes it easy for you to install at least 50 Christmas sticker packs at no cost on your cell phone so that you have a good repertoire during this party season.

It’s all about the app Christmas stickers – WASticker which can be downloaded from the official app store on your Android smartphone, Google Play Store so that once downloaded and installed, this app allows you to get all the collections to fill the conversations in WhatsApp with the stickersthose of your friends and even the family group.

With these collections you will have the best Christmas stickers for your WhatsApp. (pixabay)

The app works with Android 5.0 devices onwards and brings you various stickers from the most basic to wish a Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas, there are all kinds with classic characters such as Santa Claus and others.

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From the app store, look for the program that we indicate to install it and when it is working on your mobile, open WASticker to explore its thematic catalog where you will find packages such as Emojis of the Christmas bell or Snow Crystal Ball or the Alphabet of Christmas tree, among other titles to select.

When you find the option that you like the most and decide to download it, you must select it and press the Add to WhatsApp button so that the download of the collection begins on the confirmation button.

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When the download of the content is finished, you can enter your WhatsApp account to test your new collection of Christmas Stickers; going to a conversation with a contact or in a group chat so that pressing the Stickers button with the happy face icon to the left of the text box displays the menu of available designs, where the newly installed ones will be marked with a green dot.

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