HEINEKEN Spain reinforces its wellness program for employees and family members

HEINEKEN Spain wants to support its staff with programs such as Healthy Mind, in which the brewery has placed special emphasis on attending to their mental health. This program seeks to improve the quality of life of the team, achieve a balance and face the challenges of daily life, in order to achieve moments of enjoyment and happiness.

With these objectives, the Healthy Mind program was born, in which the people of the brewery have a psychological care service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that they can go to when they need it. The acceptance of this project by the team has been high, and with teleworking it is also offered online. Thus, they have at their disposal at any time of the day the professional they need, confidentially and anonymously and, most importantly, extendable to their families.

This service not only covers psychological consultations, but also offers social work services, such as couple and family issues, divorce, work-life balance conflicts or digital detox. Also, Healthy Mind offers legal support and financial advice for people. With this, the brewery helps its people take care of themselves and their loved ones, promoting a culture in which people seek their well-being by enjoying life.

healthy mind in healthy body

On the other hand, to have a strong mind you have to keep your body healthy. For this reason, HEINEKEN Spain has the Healthy HEINEKEN project, with which it seeks to prevent both common and serious diseases, such as cancer detection, cardiovascular risk, flu or COVID-19. Likewise, the brewery offers a own doctor service which includes benefits such as a second medical opinion, pharmacy at home, private prescriptions and self-insurance with the best specialists in the event of an accident.

The provision of these services has been well received by its employees. From the company they point out that they have seen how it has provided greater tranquility and a sense of commitment and belonging to the company. HEINEKEN Spain thus manages to produce beers that the world, people and the planet like to create moments of enjoyment that unite us to provide a better world.

Smartworking and digitization

The current context has led to an increase in digitization and teleworking. Digitization also allows greater conciliation and flexibility, if it is combined with measures and work models that also promote digital disconnection. To this end, HEINEKEN Spain has implemented our smartworking model and another series of disconnection measures so that digitization means being better connected, but not always connected.

Thus, the brewery has implemented a smartworking system that has had excellent results. Most of its people have already taken advantage of the hybrid modality, which consists of each employee has 16 hours a week that they can distribute as they see fit. From a few hours a day to full days, within the established working hours. In a survey carried out by the company of employees using this system, 97% of the people surveyed were already using the hybrid mode and 9 out of 10 claimed to be more productive. It is a flexible model based on active listening and co-created with its employees.

Aware of the importance of disconnection and family reconciliation, the company has promoted this aspect with initiatives such as its digital disconnection manifesto, the Digital Wellbeing programme, green time -which marks the end of the day- and time registration .

Because at HEINEKEN Spain they are convinced that to work well you have to feel good. In this way, the company has become a great place to work and a school for international talent. The brewery knows that to create moments of enjoyment and brew beers that the world, people and the planet like, it is necessary to start from within, making all the members of its family live its values: the passion for our consumers and clients, the courage to innovate and be pioneers, the care of people and the planet and, of course, the responsible enjoyment of life.

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