“Unemployed Diva”: Lucía Méndez will sue Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel for moral damages

After his participation in the reality show “Always Queen”the actress Lucía Méndez informed through social networks that she will proceed legally against Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel, after they made comments on social networks and accusations on the YouTube channel “Pinky Promise”: regarding the alleged attitudes of the also singer during the program.

The celebrities, along with Lorena Herrera, were part of the Netflix project where they lived together for six episodes and some of them made their conflicts public, as Zapata expressed her discomfort about the “position” of a diva that Méndez showed.

Likewise, in the program hosted by Karla Díaz on December 9, Pasquel made similar comments, calling her an unemployed diva.This is because he compared both Herrena’s work and theirs with Lucía’s: “She hasn’t done television since the last century, seriously,” he said.

Given this, Méndez published the warning on his Instagram profile.

“By means of the present, the letter of warning and cessation of conduct contrary to the good uses and customs that govern the media and social networks, regarding the misuse and abuse of the exclusive right of the image itself, is reported. of the artistic name Lucía Méndez ‘La Diva de México’, by Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel”, it reads.

“Such conduct, in addition to harming and pejoratively insulting Lucía Méndez, generates various administrative and criminal sanctions and liability. civil, regarding the right to private life, honor and one’s own image; as well as gender violence, which are sanctioned through the Federal Copyright Law, the Penal Code of Mexico City, the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence and the Civil Responsibility Law. for the Protection of the Right to Private Life, Honor and Own Image in the Federal District”, it was added.

“For all of the above, legal actions have been initiated in civil, criminal and administrative matters so that Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel refrain from continuing to carry out conduct that insults the image of Lucía Méndez, through any means of communication or network social, known or yet to be known”, was detailed in the document of the DOXA Legal Corporation.

So far, none of the actresses have reacted to the decision of the famous.

Photo: Via Instagram @luciamendezof


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