The unexpected reaction of Carlos Vela to see that Argentina is world champion

Carlos Vela / Argentina National Team
Carlos Vela / Argentina National Team


has finished the Qatar World Cup 2022 in the most exciting way possible and with the Argentina national team world champion. Therefore, the reactions of various world soccer figures did not wait. Without a doubt, seeing Lionel Messi champion has been liked by several sports figures, so they did not wait for their congratulations.

In the case of Carlos Candle, the LAFC player has not missed the opportunity to react to the grand final. Which caused some discomfort in those fans of the Mexican National Team, as they were still resentful of his voluntary absence for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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Meanwhile, Vela published a photo in support of Antoine Griezmann, who was his teammate at Real Sociedad. Undoubtedly a gesture of solidarity to one of her great friends and who surely will not have a good time losing the two-time championship. Within the photo you can see both at the time with the Spanish club.

Carlos Vela: with an uncertain future

Meanwhile, Carlos Vela’s last words with LAFC after winning the MLS title left his future somewhat mysterious. The Mexican 10 made it clear that he fulfilled his goal in American soccer, so he can see other alternatives, so his return to Liga MX is expected.

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