The millionaire prize that Argentina takes for winning the World Cup

Doha, Qatar.

The Argentine National Team was proclaimed this Sunday as champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after beating France in a penalty shootout (4-2) in an epic final at the Lusail stadium, where they finished 3-3 in the 120 minutes they played.

The new monarch not only managed to lift his third World Cup in his history, but he has also won the millionaire prize awarded by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

FIFA has disbursed a total of 440 million dollars in rewards during the World Cup, which this Sunday culminated after the first definition of the World Cup in the Middle East.

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By reaching the decisive stage for the title, the teams of Argentina and France secured a minimum figure of 30 million dollars. However, the winner will receive an additional 12 million dollars, it was indicated.

In this way, Lionel Messi’s Argentine team pocketed the amount of 42 million dollars (more than one billion lempiras – 1,040.340000 to be exact), while France took 30 for playing the final.

The increase in the prize in the last forty years was “progressive”, says the Spanish sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo, which after taking the 1982 World Cup as a parameter, highlights that the prize that FIFA allocates to the winner of the World Cup has “multiplied by 20”.

The champion’s $42 million is 10% more than France was paid four years ago to win Russia 2018. And, to get an idea of ​​the global soccer explosion, Italy received just $2.2 million in 1982. , the first year that since FIFA established a cash prize for the new world monarch.


The Croatian National Team, winner of the match for third place after beating Morocco, has earned 27 million dollars, compared to 25 million for the Moroccan team, fourth, which was undoubtedly the big surprise of this World Cup held in Qatar.

The quarterfinalists, specifically from fifth to eighth place, took $17 million (for each team). In this section are the selections of Brazil, Portugal, England and the Netherlands.

In the next step, from position 9 to 16, that is, the teams that fell in the round of 16, received 13 million dollars. Here come the teams from Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Senegal, Poland, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Finally, the eliminated (Qatar, Ecuador, Iran, Wales, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Denmark, Germany, Costa Rica, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Serbia, Uruguay and Ghana) in the first phase of the tournament. All of them pocketed 9 million dollars.

The distribution of cash prizes according to FIFA:

Champion: $42 million

runner-up: $30 million

Third place: $27 million

Fourth place: $25 million

From fifth to eighth place: US$17 million per team

From ninth to 16th place: US$13 million per team

From position 17 to 32: US$9 million per team


In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, champion Argentina bagged 2.6 million dollars; in Italy ’90, 3.3; in the United States ’94, 3.8; in France ’98, 5.6; in South Korea/Japan ’02, 7.5 million.

In Germany ’06 the great jump took place, with 18.8 million for the champion Italy; in South Africa 2010, 28.2; in Brazil 2014, 33; in Russia 2018, 35.7, indicated the Télam agency.

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