Ronaldo congratulates Lionel Messi for the World Cup

The selection Argentina of soccer he obtained his third FIFA World Cup by beating his similar team in the Qatar 2022 final France. The front Lionel Messi He was the banner of the South American team and was congratulated by multiple football legends.

The last to give him words of recognition was Ronaldo NazarioBrazilian star who won two World Cups (1994 and 2002) with his country, through his Twitter account.

“Soccer of this type dispels any rivalry. VThere are many Brazilians, and people from all over the world, cheering on Messi in this electrifying finall”, said Ronaldo, two-time world champion. “A farewell worthy of the genius who, far beyond being a World Cup star, led an era.”

The final part of the congratulations is due to the fact that multiple reports indicated that Messi would say goodbye to the national team after winning the World Cup. However, the star of the French PSG declared that he will remain united to the albiceleste.

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Messi in Qatar 2022

After seven games in Qatar 2022, Messi participated in 10 goals for the Blue and Whites with seven goals and three assists. In the final, the Argentine attacker scored the first, at 23 ′, and the third goal, at 108 ′, for his team. In addition, he hit his shot during the penalty shootout by deceiving the French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

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